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Digital Foundry Go Hands On With Skyrim On The Nintendo Switch

Skyrim is just one of the many games coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall and people are curious about how well it holds up on the console. Digital Foundry have had the chance to go hands-on with the game and have come away impressed. You can read their full impressions at the link here. For now here’s an extract from the article!

“But if what we played is indeed fully representative of how the final game shapes up when running in mobile mode, the Switch port of Skyrim should be well worth checking out. We’ve tried playing the game on an Intel Atom-based tablet with integrated graphics and the experience is nothing like as good as this – if you’re looking to play a fully portable Skyrim, you’re looking at a larger gaming laptop to offer the visual feature set and performance the Switch version is offering. Ultimately, 15 minutes of hands-on time with a game only goes so far – especially in a vast game like Skyrim – but what we’ve seen so far holds up really well, and we’re looking forward to taking a deeper look at the final release.”




  1. the way they try to compare things and there CONSTANT need to try catch switch out is boardering on the retarded now

    how the fuck is a x1 with a to the metal gaming api comparable to a atom tablet TO EVEN MADE THAT ASUMTION IN THE FIRST PLACE IS UTTERLY RETARDED


    1. This is the single worst thing I’ve read in a while. There are no capitals, periods, coherency, or even a slight sense of political correctness. You even used “there” instead of “they’re”. I’m not all for the pc nature of the world today, but to use “retarded” in such a barbaric way while also displaying most of the traits of the word in yourself through your text is baffling to me. Im am, however, all for saving time typing on the internet; as I did just now by not typing the apostrophe into the contraction I’m. Now, I understand we’re on a Nintendo blog and not even a licensed one but have some self-respect and represent your true level of intelligence appropriately so the rest of us don’t go cross eyed trying to understand you.

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      1. ” I’m not all for the pc nature of the world today, but to use “retarded” in such a barbaric way while also displaying most of the traits of the word in yourself through your text is baffling to me.”

        Have you ever heard one of the thousand variations of the phrase, “everything that comes before the word “but” is a lie.”?

        There was nothing “barbaric” about his use of a word. In fact, it’s essentially impossible for the use of a word to be barbaric. Retarded is an undesirable condition, generally including an impediment to one’s ability to think. The use of it as a derogatory in this context is perfectly apt. The only reason to object to it, is someone might be offended by the truth. This would make it impolite, not “barbaric”, like telling the truth to an ugly woman who asks you how she looks.

        What’s considerably more objectionable than being slightly rude on the internet is your response, which sets yourself up without qualification as both the arbiter of morality and acceptable intellectualism on a casual website about Nintendo products. If you object to the actual *content* of his message, great. Object to his content. If you want to bicker about grammar and cast moral allegations based on imagined offenses against people who aren’t here, go to Tumblr or Reddit where those things are embraced.


      2. “Now, I understand we’re on a Nintendo blog and not even a licensed one ”

        So any site that has Nintendo name has to be licensed? Get out of here with that garbage. I work for another Nintendo based site, that has NIntendo in the name. You’re going to tell me we’re not licensed…. Grow up seriously. You dont need a license to write the news, you dont need a license to be a Nintendo based news site…


  2. I have never played this game and I know a lot ot peeps that love it and tell a lot of good things about it so, I can’t wait to play it and it will be on my Switch. :D


  3. I’ve been catching up on some old games also. Glad Nintendo folks finally get some quality nostalgia gaming for a change and experience what all the skyrim fuss is about.

    I can’t get into any more games that require any kind of time commitment until I’m through Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition, … And X, and my Master Play through of Zelda.

    If I only had a Switch tho, you’d better believe I’d be all over this game!


      1. It depends what you like about games in general. Especially when the game initially came out, the whole mix of sandbox-logic, world building, the way you could approach the game pretty much however you wanted, the amounts of contents, the stuff to explore, the cities, the dungeons, the dragons, the quests and so on…. that all came in a package that was still accessible and understandable enough that people who weren’t onto RPGs could still play and have a great and immersive time with it. These are the main qualities for me. Just like someone who’s totally into RPGs would find a plethora of things to say against BotW, of course you can also find as many things against Skyrim. But with both games, it’s not that hard to really appreciate the achievements these games have reached. But yeah, I’m curious how aged it’s gonna feel when I get my Joycon-hands on it this fall.


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