Official House Republicans Try To Compare The Legend Of Zelda To The American Tax Code

For some reason, the official website for House Republicans tried comparing The Legend of Zelda to the American tax code. However, it ended up publishing some inaccurate comments on Nintendo’s long-running action-adventure series. For example, it said The Legend of Zelda is Nintendo’s best-selling video game franchise. It also claimed that Nintendo was founded in 1985. A few excerpts from the article – titled “What Do the The Legend of Zelda and the American Tax Code Have In Common?” – can be read below:

The Legend of Zelda series is Nintendo’s best-selling video game franchise enjoyed by more than two generations of gamers. The action-adventure game was released in 1986, only one year after Nintendo’s founding in 1985.

And you know what else was released in 1986? Yeah, you do. The last major reform to the American tax code was signed into law in 1986.

It’s been 31 years, and our current code is far beyond repair.

House Republicans have been working for years on bold ideas to overhaul our nation’s broken tax code. Now, with the Trump administration, the House, and the Senate working together, we’re on track to take up tax reform in the fall.




  1. First off what kind comparison is this? Aside from the two glaring wrong statements saying that Zelda is their best selling franchise (Mario Bros is) and that Nintendo WAS FOUNDED in 1985 (it was founded almost a hundred years prior to Zelda coming out). You compare that and say the tax code is beyond repair, are you saying the Zelda series is beyond repair too? Like who even let this person in Official House Republicans even say this?

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    1. You are really dense. The comparison is the year 1986. You really expect politicians to know intricate details on videogame sales, or the year Nintendo was founded? They probably meant as a home video game console company. If you include all the sports spinoff games, then yes, Mario is. But realistically, Pokemon is, because even the spinoffs are still basically pokemon games, where Mario at the olympics isn’t a Mario game at all for instance.

      Regardless, Zelda is their other best selling game, besides the “Wii” series like Wii Sports. The point they were making went WAY over your head apparently.

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      1. You’re calling me dense when that’s how it’s worded? Why even bother making a comparison like this at all. Honestly I think Super Mario Bros is still their highest selling franchise that they fully own, cause while it is Pokemon is from Nintendo it is also very much owned by the Pokemon Company so they have quite a bit more say so in where Pokemon is and isn’t allowed to be sometimes. It’s weird, also why are you defending this?? They literally said “Nintendo was founded in 1985” and “Zelda is their best selling franchise” they didn’t say it was when they made their first console, the didn’t say it was one of their best selling franchises.

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      2. @Jay Garvens I understand the point they’re trying to make and I wouldn’t expect them to know those kinds of details, but I would expect them to do the research if they were going to use those details to make a public statement. Especially since, in this case, the “research” I’m referring to is as simple as looking at a Wikipedia page.

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      1. These aren’t the people governing you. They’re the people running the website of the people governing you. Do you really think Paul Ryan’s sitting at his computer doing web design?

        The article’s down now so I can’t check, but this was most likely some intern.

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    2. They already fix it so you guys dont need to worry a thing this is the update and this is what they said

      This is an updated blog post as our last version incorrectly claimed The Legend of Zelda as Nintendo’s best selling video game franchise (it’s one of the highest) and Nintendo to be almost 100 years younger than it actually is. Our tax code is old, but not nearly as old as Nintendo, founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi.


  2. Words cannot describe how much I am embarrassed by my country right now. Not just from this, from everything, but this is bad.

    I am not about to indulge in any actual political talk here though- you may not like me anymore by the time I’m done.

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    1. No they probably try to fix it and this is what it said

      This is an updated blog post as our last version incorrectly claimed The Legend of Zelda as Nintendo’s best selling video game franchise (it’s one of the highest) and Nintendo to be almost 100 years younger than it actually is. Our tax code is old, but not nearly as old as Nintendo, founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi.

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  3. Jesus people. Did you even read the statement? They were ONLY talking about the YEAR 1986. Zelda came out that year, and the tax code changed that year.. and hasn’t changed since. They aren’t saying Zelda is like taxes or any such nonsense. You people are really raging and nerding out over NOTHING. Just stop.


    1. Did YOU read the statement? If you did, you might have noticed that they mentioned that Nintendo was founded in 1985, which is horribly wrong. Nintendo was founded literally a century earlier, they just didn’t start doing games until 1985 (or if you wanna get technical, 1981 as games like Donkey Kong and the original Mario Bros came out in arcades before the NES launched). They couldn’t be bothered to fact check things about a company they were directly referring to. And honestly, putting “the Legend of Zelda” and “tax code” in the same sentence was just a poor decision all around- one is beloved, one’s not.

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  4. Side note: The title of this article is INCREDIBLY misleading, and obviously people are commenting without even reading. You people have a responsibility as journalists to ensure your articles are factually accurate. Please make your title reflect what was actually stated:
    “House Republicans mention the tax code hasn’t changed since the release of The Legend of Zelda.” – THAT is what was said. They are NOT comparing the tax code TO the game in any way, shape or form.


    1. Points noted. I think where they got it wrong was mentioning that Zelda was Nimty’s most successful franchise.. . And also that Ninty was founded in 1985. Other than that, I see no comparison to Zelda besides the fact that they compared it’s release date to the last major American tax reform. All in all, this article could have used a better title.


  5. Guys, read it before criticizing it. You’re the ones looking like idiots.

    Never proclaiming a side, but it’s ridiculous that you discount it on these pretenses. That’s what’s really wrong – people today get worked over headlines and can’t read.


  6. I mean they aren’t really wrong lol

    But I do think people are jumping to conclusions with their comments a bit. I think it’s less of a comparison between the franchise and the law and more of a “Remember that old game you played as a kid? All those years ago? Yeah this hasn’t been updated since waaaaay back then.”

    I do think they could have reworded it better though. Remove the bit about it being in misrepair and replace it with something like, “Zelda’s been innovating since then, why hasn’t this law?”

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      1. Gender wouldn’t be political if republican a**holes didn’t make into a political issue. People wouldn’t have to fight for their rights if people weren’t trying to take them away. So, until then, what is personal is political.


  7. If you look at how factually accurate Republicans are about Nintendo and Zelda (claims Zelda is Nintendo’s best-selling franchise – nope. Claims Nintendo was founded in 1985 – nope.), I can assure you that is essentially how factually accurate they are on everything else as well.

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    1. That is some sound reasoning there. Intern gets a nonsense filler article wrong on a website, must mean that Democrats are right about *everything*, even when being self-contradictory.

      Easily the worst part of the advent of social media is people proudly posting these non-arguments. You can make them to prove just about anything you want.

      Hillary lied about being under attack when landing in Bosnia. I can assure you that is essentially how honest Democrats are about everything else as well.

      Volkswagen was factually inaccurate about the emissions their cars produced. Clearly all german cars are poorly built.

      Nintendo made the Wii U and it was a failure. Clearly everything about Nintendo’s views on hardware design are wrong.


  8. I’d prefer if politicians simply didn’t try to use pop culture to get their point across. They’re not good at it. Anyone remember when Hillary Clinton made a joke about needing to get young people to “Pokemon GO to the polls”?

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  9. This article is stupid. The republican that wrote it is a major idiot. But here is a fun fact: both parties suck in general. Just assholes in charge of the 2 parties trying to push their own crappy agenda.


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