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Fire Emblem Warriors For Nintendo Switch Allows You To Drop Resolution To Play 60fps

Anyone who has had a chance to play Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch will tell you it’s extremely fast paced and includes plenty of chaotic action. Interestingly, we’ve found out today via Japanese publication Nintendo Dream that you will be able to play the game at 60fps on the Nintendo Switch, if you would rather sacrifice resolution over frame rate. This only applies to the Nintendo Switch version and not the New Nintendo 3DS version. Here’s the details:

  • Options to select a higher frame rate in exchange for a lower resolution
  • The game was created with a 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second experience in mind
  • You can drop to 720p for 60fps Usuda
  • Change from Classic to Casual Mode while playing
  • Doing so will revive lost characters
  • You can’t change from Casual to Classic

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    1. I completely agree here. It’s a great option for those who want the resolution or those that want the framerate. Of course, someone will complain it’s not 4k 120fps and claim Switch is weak and dead, but this is fantastic news. I just wish these types of games could have more consistent framerates, but I’ll take this.

    1. I can’t decide, I guess I’ll enjoy 1080p 30 fps at Home and 720p 60 fps on the go, if I wasn’t getting the 240p 60 fps 3D version instead.

  1. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch.} says:

    Of course the 3DS won’t have this. If you want to speed things up on the 3DS version, you just have to turn the 3D effect off. Sadly, once you turn the 3D off, the game will look much worse as most games on the 3DS only look great when the 3D is on. Least the difference between 1080p & 720p isn’t as noticeable. Then again, most 1080p are just upscaled 720p so maybe that’s the real reason we don’t see a difference between the two right now. As 1080p stuff becomes less upscaled 720p, I won’t be surprised if some of us do start to see a big difference in the resolutions. Til then, Nintendo better be hard at work to make sure they aren’t left in the dust again. But they are safe for now.

    1. Hyrule Warriors Legends played perfectly at 60 fps smoothly and consistently in stereoscopic 3D, but only on the New 3DS. Fire Emblem Warriors is exclusive to New 3DS and should be the same with its 240p graphics.

  2. James the Joker {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4. Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch.} says:

    As for this game, I don’t think I’ll mind the 30fps at 1080p. Considering how fast Warriors games go, I actually wouldn’t mind the slow down of frames since I’ll be able to see more of the action that way. (Hence why I hated the fact Pokemon Sun & Moon didn’t have the 3D effect because it would slow the frames down. It’s a decision I would have liked to have made myself but nope!) *claps* So thank you, Koei Tecmo, for giving me the damn choice that GameFreak never gave me!

    1. I wish we could choose between 30 fps 3D to play Pokémon X & Y and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, so I could play Pokémon Y and Alpha Sapphire (haven’t purchase this nor Moon because of lack of software optimization for 3D) entirely in stereoscopic 3D.

      1. All the 3DS Pokemon games run in 30 fps with the exception of some menus. When you turn 3D on, it drops from 30 to less than 10. That’s why 3D just couldn’t be implemented in Gen VI’s overworld and SM, even on the New 3DS.

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