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Nintendo Has Revealed The ARMS Characters With Highest Win-Rates

ARMS is a delightful game and with the promise of more content coming soon for the game its long-term prospects are looking good. The official ARMS Twitter account has revealed the characters that have the highest win-rates. Some of the characters may surprise you and some may not. Here’s the rankings:

  1. Twintelle
  2. Ribbon Girl
  3. Min Min




  1. Remember on a Smash-tournament I hosted here in Norway had quite a few hardcore players there. They all picked female Corrin, Zero Suit Samus, Rosalina and Palutena. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they’re all girls — and Twintelle on #1

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  2. Don’t sleep on Spring Man’s invincible charge dash, that move allows you to reflect all pgysical attacks as you counter with a charged attack at the same time. So many defeated victims at my feet thanks to Spring Man lol:D
    Spring Man Charge your attacks and keep dodging left and right, he has a deflect move that allows you to attack as the opponent’s puch bounces off you, it never fails. Combine his dodge counter skill with his charge attacks and the freezing or shock gloves and you’ll running through players online like a hot knife through butter XD

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  3. Eh, I still prefer Mechanica. I don’t know how Twintelle has the highest win rate when she only has one ability that is easy to play against (compared to pretty much everyone else- Ribbon Girl has four jumps and a quick drop, Spring Man has the shockwave dash and permacharge near loss, Mechanica can hover, dash for prolonged periods of time, and won’t flinch from normal punches, etc.).

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  4. Not a single surprise. I lost interest in the game because of the aerial meta these characters have pushed. I think I was hoping for a slower paced mechwarrior style tactical game, and it is not.


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