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Japan: Medabots Classic Collection Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Japanese gamers will at some point be able to get their hands on a Medabots Classic collection releasing exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. The collection includes the first five Medabots games and features a number of improvements and also evolutions. Gematsu reports that the collection will be released in Kabuto and Kuwagata versions for 4,800 yen each. There will also be a special limited edition which includes both a CD and art book for 12,000 yen. Here’s the games that are included in Medabots Classic:

  • Medabots (Game Boy, 1997)
  • Medabots 2 (Game Boy Color, 1999)
  • Medabots 3 (Game Boy Color, 2000)
  • Medabots 4 (Game Boy Color, 2001)
  • Medabots 5: Susutake Mura no Tenkousei (Game Boy Color, 2001)




  1. First I hear about Misty & Brock returning to Pokemon & now I read an article about Medabots which became a thing after Pokemon but quickly faded away. (So it’s still ongoing in Japan, eh?)


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