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Brock & Misty Returning To Pokemon Anime

We haven’t seen them for a while but it has been announced today that Brock & Misty will be making a more than welcomed return to the popular Pokemon anime series. The two characters will be reuniting for two special episodes according to Japanese publication, Televi-Kun. Check out the details, below:

In the episodes Ash & Pikachu will briefly return to Kanto, where the long time friends will battle it out! Misty is confirmed to have Mega Gyarados on her team, while Brock will have a Mega Steelix.





  1. It begins.

    Misty’s return (appealing to all Misty fanboys and fangirls,, and pandering to the Gen 1 crowd), plus Ash’s cheese facial expression. If she so much as pulls Brock’s ear, that officially turns this series into a variety gag show. But this show sucks now anyway.


      1. They were trying to copy Yokai Watch’s art style. Personally, I say they failed since Yokai Watch looks better than Pokemon’s new style.

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  2. Why’d they changed the art style of these characters, I wondered what would Team Rocket looked like in this shitty art style over the art style we grew up with in the 90’s. I’ve still have yet to watch Season 2 yet, wished they’d put the full series on YouTube (free) without the shitty blabbing Japanese voice-over with English subtitles and the stupid “video is unplayable because of a copyright” shit. I hate YouTube even more so. I can watch gaming content, but not TV shows without it being blocked or deleted!


  3. To anyone who’s been gone a while and asking about the art style: It changed starting w/ this Sun/Moon series. If the look isn’t doing it for you, check footage/stills from the X/Y series.


    1. The sad thing is Yokai Watch actually looks better than Pokemon’s new artstyle. lol

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  4. The faces of the 3 looks so wrong, especially ash’s face which looks so stupid that I want to punch it and punch the one who thought this art style is the right direction when it’s wrong in every way you look it.

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  5. Misty and Brock can mega evolve pokemon but ash still can’t. Who thought that is a good idea that EVERYONE can mega evolve pokemon EXCEPT Ash who is THE PROTAGONIST!? And no the Greninja form doesn’t count! I have to vent this frustration because this anime could be better if handled well.

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      1. You couldn’t have say it more precisely. BTW DBS is getting interesting. I’m watching it with subtitles because I haven’t learned Japanese.


  6. Who else, besides the guy who commented it above, wants to punch Ash in his new art style face & punch the idiot that thought this artstyle was a “great” idea? We should start a petition to get a “Punch this guy in the face!” booth at an anime convention & get the guy who thought of this artstyle as one of the people we can punch in the face. lol

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  7. Oh & welcome back to this shit show of an anime, Misty & Brock. I honestly wish they WOULDN’T bring you back.


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