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Brock & Misty Returning To Pokemon Anime

We haven’t seen them for a while but it has been announced today that Brock & Misty will be making a more than welcomed return to the popular Pokemon anime series. The two characters will be reuniting for two special episodes according to Japanese publication, Televi-Kun. Check out the details, below:

In the episodes Ash & Pikachu will briefly return to Kanto, where the long time friends will battle it out! Misty is confirmed to have Mega Gyarados on her team, while Brock will have a Mega Steelix.




  1. It begins.

    Misty’s return (appealing to all Misty fanboys and fangirls,, and pandering to the Gen 1 crowd), plus Ash’s cheese facial expression. If she so much as pulls Brock’s ear, that officially turns this series into a variety gag show. But this show sucks now anyway.

      1. They were trying to copy Yokai Watch’s art style. Personally, I say they failed since Yokai Watch looks better than Pokemon’s new style.

  2. Why’d they changed the art style of these characters, I wondered what would Team Rocket looked like in this shitty art style over the art style we grew up with in the 90’s. I’ve still have yet to watch Season 2 yet, wished they’d put the full series on YouTube (free) without the shitty blabbing Japanese voice-over with English subtitles and the stupid “video is unplayable because of a copyright” shit. I hate YouTube even more so. I can watch gaming content, but not TV shows without it being blocked or deleted!

  3. To anyone who’s been gone a while and asking about the art style: It changed starting w/ this Sun/Moon series. If the look isn’t doing it for you, check footage/stills from the X/Y series.

  4. Now fix the damn art style of the anime.
    If I wanted to watch Yo-kai Watch, I would just do it….

    1. The sad thing is Yokai Watch actually looks better than Pokemon’s new artstyle. lol

  5. The faces of the 3 looks so wrong, especially ash’s face which looks so stupid that I want to punch it and punch the one who thought this art style is the right direction when it’s wrong in every way you look it.

  6. Misty and Brock can mega evolve pokemon but ash still can’t. Who thought that is a good idea that EVERYONE can mega evolve pokemon EXCEPT Ash who is THE PROTAGONIST!? And no the Greninja form doesn’t count! I have to vent this frustration because this anime could be better if handled well.

    1. In an alternate universe, everybody became a Super Saiyan in the Freeza saga BUT Goku.
      This anime is the alternate universe….

      1. You couldn’t have say it more precisely. BTW DBS is getting interesting. I’m watching it with subtitles because I haven’t learned Japanese.

  7. Who else, besides the guy who commented it above, wants to punch Ash in his new art style face & punch the idiot that thought this artstyle was a “great” idea? We should start a petition to get a “Punch this guy in the face!” booth at an anime convention & get the guy who thought of this artstyle as one of the people we can punch in the face. lol

  8. Oh & welcome back to this shit show of an anime, Misty & Brock. I honestly wish they WOULDN’T bring you back.

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