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Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel Choose Your Legends

Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile devices has proved to be a hit with fans and Nintendo has been keeping the application updated on a regular basis. Today, Nintendo Mobile has uploaded a new video for Fire Emblem Heroes titled Chose your Legends which gives players the lowdown on the next update. Be sure to give it a watch below!

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    1. Roy is useless and not Rare , you might get him though cause you should only open Red orbs until you get Ike if you want him. Its calculated by many people that you get more 5 stars you wan’t if you only open every Red orb in this case and leave.

      I have been doing so for a few weeks now and got 6 S and S+ rank characters I wanted from the focus summon.


    2. I just watched it and didn’t know they got other versions aswell. At first glance Ike and lyn seem the best though , we don’t have many strong green units and Horseback archer that can’t be countered could be very strong in horse emblem teams. Ill wait with picking one till I see the tier ranking and spend all my other orbs on the others I want


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