Nintendo Of America Shows Three Nintendo Power Covers Celebrating SNES Mini

Nintendo Power might be dead but the readers of the magazine still reminisce about it. Nintendo of America has capitalised on the readers love of the defunct magazine and has produced three funky new covers to celebrate the upcoming SNES Mini which you can download. Also, if you are attending PAX West Nintendo panel you can get hold of a physical copy. You can check them out, below!




  1. You shouldn’t celebrate something that a lot of people can’t even bloody get. It just makes you look like a giant asshole, NintenD’OH! *facepalm* of ‘Murica! Then again, you’re a shit publisher with a shit leader… Reggie..!


      1. That’s the point as it’s meant to be an insult. But I only ever use ‘Murica when it’s in regards to NoA.


      1. When Reggie isn’t such a shitty leader, then I’ll stop crapping on him. Til then, he’s on my shit list along with the rest of NoA.


    1. So your just going to blame Reggie and all of NoA for the supply shortages? Nintendo Europe is having the same problem! And I don’t think it was Reggie specifically who decided how many SNES classics they were making.


      1. They oversee my country so yes. If I was in Europe, I’d be giving NoE & their CEO the same shit if they are just as bad.


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