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U.S: Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack Announced

Pokemon fans prepare to get excited as Nintendo of America has just confirmed the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack. This package includes physical copies of both of the highly anticipated games, various art cards, plus a digital download card for 200 Poke Balls. This special Veteran Trainer’s Dual Pack is coming to North America on November 17th.



Thanks Adrian for the tip!


    1. I actually know a few people who like catching all Pokemon even legendaries in regular pokeballs. A 200 ball headstart is right up their alley.

      1. this might be my first time owning both versions should i get the dual pack and that 200 pokeballs sounds nice, save me the trouble of buying them which which is 40,000 pokedollars.

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