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A Day 1 Patch For Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is Now Available

At long last, release day has arrived for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. However, the release of a new game will sometimes see a day one patch come out. The reason is usually because there were last-minute bug fixes or, if the game was available to pre-load before release, the game needs to be unlocked for players to play. Whatever the reason, the Mario and Rabbids game is among those titles to get a day one patch, which sits at 94.3 MB in size. It is available now, if you have the game.


5 thoughts on “A Day 1 Patch For Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is Now Available”

    1. There’s not a lot of shooting overwatchy tactics game compared to the usual fantasy, although I did just play through Project STEAM on the 3DS and that was fun. And considering I’ve played everything from the more obscure like Chroma Squad (great little indie that even had Team Jump like this), Jeanne de Arc, Tactics Ogre, a bunch on PSP, etc to the obvious FF tactics, Fire Emblems, Advance Wars, I welcome a new fun twist on the Overwatch style. So I’m not sure if you’re trying to make a decent, coherent point, or just the usual worthless troll crap, but just because XCOM exists doesn’t make a critically well received exclusive on my shiny new console any any less interesting to me when I really enjoy the genre.

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