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Golf Story Coming Exclusively To Nintendo Switch Next Month

You have probably noticed that Nintendo has held a Nindies showcase event today and we have clearly seen some great indie titles destined for the Nintendo Switch. One of these is Golf Story which is coming to the platform next month. If you are unaware of the game then check out the full details below:

Players take on the role of a golfer, solving most problems by hitting a golf ball both on and off the green, with eight different environments. In addition to traditional golf, disc golf, mini golf, and more like drone flights and geocaching will be included in the adventures.



  1. I wish Nintendo (or, Camelot) would hurry up and make another Mario Golf game for the Switch. It’s a crying shame that Toadstool Tour was the last major console Mario Golf game. What’s up with that? And I hope they bring back the mini golf mode, like in the N64 version. It’s also been too long since the last Mario Baseball game, Super Sluggers.

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