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Ubisoft Says Its Priority Is To Bring New Content To New Hardware

European publication Game Reactor managed to catch up with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot at last month’s Gamescom event in Germany. As you know, Ubisoft has always been committed to bringing games early to new and upcoming hardware such as the Wii and Wii U at the time, and more recently the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what he said:

“Exactly, and when you do that you understand what being emerged means,” he told us. “Each time when we go early on a new machine, on new hardware, we learn new things or we create new things. You know, Just Dance really came with the Wii, the Rabbids also happened with the Wii […] Rayman came back with Wii U for example. Each time you have the ability to come with something that people are not expecting, and the players want to try new things on the new machine, so that’s why very often we take advantage of those new machines and new technologies to bring back something that we had before or bring a new experience.”



  1. then kindly make good shit and use the innovations the way there supposed to be used dont do gimmicks do evolutions

    dont do a zombi u witch was wiiu and gamepad used as a gimmick NOT A ENHANCMENT

    1. I actually feel like ZombiU was the only game that used the game pad in an interesting way. Sure, it was awkward at first and got me killed more than once, but damned if it wasn’t at least different. After playing for a while it became easy and fun, and I could flip through my inventory and scan the environment easily. Considering every other game just shoved the map in the game pad or used it for off screen play I applaud the effort to actually use the device effectively.

    2. ZombiU was one of the only games that got what the Wii U was made for: asynchronous local multiplayer. Basically other than Nintendo’s tech demo Nintendoland, this was the only game that got it. Plus using the tablet to create that fearful moment of looking in your bag in real time worked great. If more games figured out how to actually use the tablet, maybe the Wii U’s tablet would have shown real value instead of just being written off as a screen mirror.

    1. They just released an exclusive, which is brand new content . Which means they will have what? Four games on switch out with a few more announced as well in the future? I think one remake is fine since its support either way and they are ahead of the game so far.

      1. I don’t think it could be considered a remake. From what we’ve seen it’s basically the same except for some extremely vague stuff about Kung Foot.

    2. Because they had a solid chunk of development staff working on a brand new, well crafted, exclusive title for the Switch. These companies do not have unlimited funds and unlimited staff. Ports meanwhile are low risk, low investment ventures that can prop up the large risk they took creating a new game (not a sequel) for a new console with a relatively small install base that will never be able to be ported to any other console because of licensing rights.

  2. I liked zombi u, and I think they should make another exactly the same tense horror with the same supply of ammo, weapons etc,BUT once you complete the game there should be an all out rage mode available with plenty of ammo and tons of zombies to blast to pieces

    1. Yes. A thousand times yes. I love when games let you roll over weapons and go slaughter crazy after completion. I still run through Resident Evil 4 and infinite rocket launcher zombies in the face when I’ve had a rough day. It’s great stress relief.

  3. They should also prioritize polishing their games more upon release. I’ve ran into several bugs while playing Mario + Rabbids, and it has definitely tainted my experience. Ubisoft has had such a horrible record with releasing buggy games.

      1. The game freezing up for multiple seconds during battle (that’s happened quite a lot), background animations in world 2 suddenly halting for no reason (had to close and reopen the game to fix it), music tracks skipping, the game crashed on me once, one time the models weren’t being fully rendered after a cutscene so they appeared very blocky so i had to close/reopen the game, and the worst was an instance where the framerate dropped drastically in world 4 and never recovered from it, I’d estimate it was running at about 15fps, i had to close the game and reopen it to fix that as well. After that the framerate was back to normal

    1. It may just be due to budget but one minor gripe I have is how plastic-y all the characters look. Compare Mario in Kingdom Battle to Odyssey to notice what I mean.

        1. Yup. Hopefully if they do a sequel they can do better. It’s not really game breaking or me being a graphics whore, it just is.

    2. I’ve only had some minor aesthetic bugs (one of which was making the clouds move with me in a small area which was funny) and one where it wouldn’t let me go to the enemies turn unless i used up every possible move i could. Only happened once though.

  4. Rayman Legends is awesome, but terribly priced. I can’t justify paying 40€ for a game I own on Wii U, but I would happily double dipped if it was half as much. Also, I can’t imagine there are enough people that haven’t played it already, since it was released on almost every platform.

  5. Mario and rabbids will probably do well, rayman should sell about decent (though not”tripple A” decent).
    Steep will probably be botched some way, and ubisoft will reach the “conclusion” that only “Mario games” sell.

  6. For all of the hate people sometimes give Ubisoft … let’s atleast acknowledge they SUPPORT Nintendo (Switch). Something I wish more teams from the SNES era would even take seriously.

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