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Suda51 Talks About The Gameplay For No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime next year and we’ve yet to get a good look at the title and how it will play. We were, however, treated to an impressive reveal trailer last week in a Nindies Showcase video. Game Informer recently got to speak to the man behind the title, Suda51, where he expanded on the gameplay for the game.

One thing that was surprising in the reveal during the Nindies video was that it doesn’t seem like it’s traditional No More Heroes gameplay. The focus is more on the retro games. Can you explain further how the gameplay works?

The No More Heroes franchise has typically been that Travis is an assassin and he’s fighting other assassins. It’s kind of like a fun slash ’em up kind of game. There will be parts like that in this game as well, but this new game is focusing mainly on Travis going further inside the [retro game system]. Inside the game, there are going to be six different games that Travis can enter into. As you said, they’re kind of like retro style games. Each of those kind of retro style games has its own set of rules and I wanted to focus on how Travis would interact with the individual rules and the individual vibe from each game. So this time, the gameplay is going to be based on those six individual games and how Travis fights through those, and how he’s able to get through them.

You can read the full interview here.



    1. One stage will look and play exactly like Retro City Rampage, Travis will even look like a retro sprite character from Retro City Rampage, but only for that one stage. If Shovel Knight were to be a stage then Travis will look like a Shovel Knight sprite character for that stage only.
      This isn’t gonna be the NMH game we were hoping for so keep your expectations very low for this one.


      1. He does say that there will be the traditional game play though. So it’s more probable that the retro style games are just side missions or parts of the game?

        It would be a total waste to not include the retro game’s into the No more Hero’s world. Don’t crush my Fantasia…

        Ima go cry now…. It’s not like we’ll ever get a follow up to the Ultra smash hit top chart seller Killer 7…


      2. That’s not what was said here. He said GAMEPLAY style will match the game Travis is in, NOT graphics. Travis will have to follow “Shovel Knight” rules, but he won’t look like an 8 bit sprite bouncing on a shovel. If you think this game, advertised to use UE4 for the entire game, is going to be all pixel art and Travis just becomes a character in those games, you’re ignorant as hell and your reading comprehension is seriously lacking.


  1. So Travis will go in six different world, which are
    – Banjo-Kazooie world
    – EA headquarter
    – Mother 3 world
    – Unreal Tournament world
    – Pewdiepie world
    – Dante’s world.

    Am I right?


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