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EA Bucharest’s Lăzărescu Doesn’t Want To Overwhelm Switch Owners

In a recent feature over on EuroGamer, their team had the chance to catch up with EA Bucharest’s Andrei Lăzărescu regarding the future release of FIFA 18 onto the Nintendo Switch. This will be the first of the recent series to be launched on a Nintendo console, and with this, it looks like EA are taking some caution before committing to a fully fledged version of the game on this platform.

Two modes within FUT Squad Battles and FUT Champions will be missing within the Switch version, which Lăzărescu advised that this won’t be included so that players are not overwhelmed.

“If you look at the history of Ultimate Team on the likes of Sony or Microsoft – I think it’s a seven year history if I recall correctly – that player base has also been accustomed to it already, and has been educated about it already, you know, so if you throw everything from the get go to a completely new player base, you might not get the desired result… even this [as it is] might be too much, it’s huge.”

When questioned further on the reasoning for certain features being absent from the Switch version Lăzărescu said, “I see it as being more social,” and added “casual represents different things to different people.” In addition to this, he advised, “I look at them as two different games, two different worlds, that I think we should take for what they are, and keep in mind that we should not try to force people onto certain things just because it works on a certain platform.”

This may be EA’s way of testing the water, with it being the first game in the series to launch to a Nintendo player base. It could be that more features would be included in the next iteration if it is confirmed for release on the Switch in the future.




    1. Use you head before commenting.

      Sometimes people, if they never played a sports game as of later can get overwhelmed by the amount of crap in them.

      EA’s approach here is right, especialyl since the last sports game on a Nintendo console was Madden 13

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  1. This is worded poorly as the switch version does include Ultimate team, just a couple of the features aren’t in this version. This guy though, in trying to promote the game, is actually making it worse by some of the patronising things he is coming out with.

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  2. Thank you EA for taking care of us stupid illiterate Switch players. Thank you so much for removing all the complicated and highly technical features and leaving us with the dumbed down and trivial gaming modes to not overstrain our simple minds. I want to buy your game so bad, but unfortunately, I’m too stupid to walk to a store or to operate a computer. Sorry.

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  3. I think this article was posted here before under a different header…

    I’m actually quite shocked at how well EA handled this Switch version of FIFA.
    Hopefully, it should sell well enough to guarantee future support.
    I can already see NFL games on the Switch for next year and beyond


  4. Just come out & say “the last sports game on a Nintendo system was MADDEN 2013. Which due to system sales didn’t sell that good. This time around we see the sales fir the SWITCH are through the roof. But by taking this step in developing FIFA we feel this is the right direction at this moment. As for future endeavors & possibly later installments. We’ll see how sales go for this years rendition.”

    & there you go!! Because Im tired of all the tap dancing around questions. Lol…

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  5. Last week at EA headquarters: “Oh sh*t, FIFA for the new Nintendo console seems to become quite good and might sell well!”
    “WHAT, how can that be?? We have to do something!”
    “Let’s think about it, how could we sabotage our own game, to minimize sales as much as still possible at this stage…”

    One of the ideas they came up with can be seen here.

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  6. I think many just want to put trash on a game that looks pretty good, at least for a Fifa game (I do appreciate more PES). Looks like they have done a good job and should be appreciated for that attention to detail.


  7. This sounds pretty patronizing. Nintendo said a few patronizing things in the past, too, so I’ll tell EA the same thing I told Nintendo: Fuck. You.


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