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Metroid Producer Sakamoto Says He’s Wanted To Make A 2D Metroid For “4 Or 5 Years”

Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto recently sat down with Game Informer to talk about Metroid: Samus Returns and the franchise as a whole. Although he didn’t say much, there were some interesting remarks he made about why he decided to to Metroid: Samus Returns in the first place. It turns out he’s wanted to do a 2D Metroid for a good while now. Here’s what Sakamoto had to say:

I have been wanting to make a 2D Metroid game for four or five years. Compared to the rest of the Metroid franchise, Metroid II has a unique game design and its characteristics really stand out. I didn’t make the original, but I have huge respect for the original game. It tells the story of an important event in the Metroid series, which is Samus meeting the big Metroid, so I wanted players to have the opportunity to experience this very important event in the franchise.




    1. Yup, he just had one mishap. Kinda sucks for him to be honest. Miyamoto doesn’t always makes a hit, sometimes he messes up but you don’t see him get all the backlash that Sakamoto has gotten. That being said, metroid being much more limited than all of miyamoto’s games, it is worrysome if he still has what it takes. I guess we will find out soon enough. He also worked on my fav metroid game, zero mission

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      1. Paper Mario would like to have a chat with you Mike S, Miyamoto is the single individual as to why the game has lost its RPG elements and companions.

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      2. Probably Lord Miyamoto doesn’t want to be involved in something that he doesn’t created.

        But anyway, yes Metroid is very limited and we see a new game every 3-4 years. Very wierd.


      1. I’ve played that. It was good for a fan remake, but certainly doesn’t count as a new release in my mind. Not an official game. It’s decent if you have no other options though.


  1. Better late than never! Still waiting on a game after Fusion, though.


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