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Famitsu Reveals Sakura And Male Corrin For Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is out towards the end of the year here in the west on both the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, but unsurprisingly it’s launching earlier in Japan. Famitsu has today revealed via Twitter that both Sakura and Male Corrin will appear in the latest game in the Warriors franchise. Early translations of the scan, which was the source for this information, suggest that there will also be Class Changes but that’s not confirmed just yet.





      1. I actually spent a good portion of a day making a blog on the Fire Emblem amino app detailing the Warriors lackluster cast and how to go about changing it for the better… Unfortunately within the hour that post was buried under memes and FE Heroes pulls, effectively making all those hours for nothing… Oh well, Warriors ain’t worth it.

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      2. You’re on the amino too? If so my profile on there is the same as on here. Kingyoungcomics. There’s two posts and they’re pretty long.


      3. No, I’m not. But I will search for it after a game quiz I’m off to now. Won’t probably be anything FE related there, so it’ll be good to have some FE fill tonight ^^


      4. Damn fine post you got there. The analytics are badass, and I wouldn’t mind this list. I could agree that Nasir could take Ena’s place. He is more early on in the game and quite central in PoR + his colour is awesome for a dragon.

        The only thing you actually missed is Shinon. Isn’t like he the most well-spoken archer of all FE? I don’t know for sure. I just play the games… like 3-7 time each… 200-400 hours each…

        But you’re well informed of the popularity. I like that. Well, written and it has genuine points.
        But I can tell you here and now that you won’t get all those characters; at least not now. That FE ballot was made for the purpose of knowing which characters Nintendo/Intelligent System could squeeze the most out of as DLC and lower their chance in summoning on FE Heroes.

        Keep up the good work :)

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  1. Even though Path of Radiance is my favourite FE game and there are no characters from that game in this, yet, I’m really looking forward to this game because it’s the gameplay that’s important not who I or anyone else thinks should be in it. I like these characters anyway. Just enjoy the game

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  2. So how long before male Robin appears? Wait. Didn’t they already reveal both male & female Robins? *facepalm*


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