If Travis Strikes Again Is Successful, Suda51 “Definitely” Wants To Make No More Heroes 3

Suda51 was recently interviewed by VideoGameChooChoo. In the interview, Suda51 revealed some interesting information about a potential third No More Heroes installment. If Travis Strikes Again is successful, then the odds of No More Heroes 3 become very high. Here’s what Suda51 had to say:

VGCC: How exactly does this tie into No More Heroes 2? Obviously a lot of time has passed and Travis’ situation has changed a lot, but you just said it’s not quite a direct sequel. Will Travis Strikes Again address what’s been going on with Travis since the events of No More Heroes 2 or will this be more of a self contained story?

S: Well again, it’s not a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2, though they are directly related and take place in the same universe. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes takes place seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2. As you’ve probably noticed it’s “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes”, so “No More Heroes” is more a subtitle, there’s not a number on it. This isn’t a direct sequel and it’s not No More Heroes 3, but it does address some of the things that happened in No More Heroes 1 and 2. While it is sort of a continuation of that stuff, it is not a direct sequel partially because No More Heroes is about one assassin against other assassins, and this isn’t like that. This isn’t exactly a spin-off, or something like that, and while it’s not a direct sequel it is something of a stepping stone on the road to No More Heroes 3. So the way I’d like people to think of this game is like the beginning of a new battle for Travis, a new series within the series.

VGCC: So then there are intentions to follow up with a numbered sequel to this then?

S: Yeah. If this succeeds I definitely want to put out a 3 someday.



    1. @Alex Carriker, @reeleemee, @Gremlin Cyborg
      Don’t say I didn’t warn you all, and get butthurt when it turns out to be a bunch of mini games that doesn’t look or play like either of the previous two NMH games. Btw the fact that they said if this game does well they may do a NMH3, and the fact that Grasshopper doesn’t have the budget to be a true NMH sequel, should have been enough evidence of what kind of game they hinted at and what I know it will be.
      I’m just gonna wait until they show gameplay, afterwards I’m gonna laugh at you all and tell you “I told you so” during your little butthurt temper tantrum over not getting the sequel you all wanted.
      I’m not saying there won’t be a true NMH3, I’m just pointing out a fact that…
      Travis Strikes again was announced at the end of an Indie only trailer, that has INDIE ONLY GAMES,
      The devs do not have a full budget to create a true NMH3 style game at the moment,
      and majority of the game will be created by mostly indie devs who know absolutely nothing about the NMH game mechanics,
      and finally if it was a full NMH sequel, why would they show it during an Nindies trailer rather than pax or TGS where everyone would have loved to see a true NMH sequel?!
      I’m gonna enjoy those salty backlash comments you all experience when they reveal the gameplay.

  1. You guys are aware that Grasshopper manufacture is now a subsidiary of Gungho right? Gungho makes Puzzle and Dragons for mobile phones. Given Suda’s recent record (Killer is Dead, Lolipop Chainsaw, Let it Die), it makes sense that Grasshopper are now on a tight budget. And if they make good on this budget, then they might get the support of their parent company for a full fledged No More Heroes game.

    At least, that appears to be the case.

  2. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    I wish Fox & Ridley Scott had done the same with Alien: Covenant & called the movie Covenant with Alien as the subtitle. The eponymous alien doesn’t even show up til the last 20 minutes of the movie, after all.

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