Amiibo Nintendo Switch

NBA 2K18 Does Not Feature amiibo Support On Nintendo Switch

A 2K Sports representative has officially announced that the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 will not feature support for amiibo figures. This confirmation comes after previous reports that suggested otherwise, which apparently stemmed from the upcoming game’s Japanese site. NBA 2K18 is set to launch on September 19 across multiple platforms, including Nintendo’s latest console. Features include offering players the ability to create their MyPlayer and develop their own NBA journey in the MyCareer mode.




  1. missed opportunity and i would have bought it because of amiibo support and someone here will tell me im stupid for ‘buying’ into amiibos because no one cares, its physical dlc that is not worth it, its a pay wall and blah blah blah, i don’t care because im a collector so if collecting plastic dlc is stupid then collecting expensive instruments/shoes/purses/phone cases/hats/sports memorabilia is redundant.

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    1. While amiibo has actually become all of those things (there is no denying that at this point), the use of them in games wouldn’t be bad if the damn things were in good stock or if the DLC they give were able to be obtained in the games in other ways. If anything, amiibo should be a way to unlock stuff in the game you’d normally have to unlock by beating the game at least once first. Plus they are good physical collectibles for some of us to collect if we want official products of our favorite characters.


      1. Splash bros are two real life players in the NBA. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. They play on the super-team known as the Warriors… who have an astounding 4 all-stars on there team, 2 of them SUPER stars. And my team, the Thunder who once had one of the Warriors superstars on our team are rivals in a way. Its a whole lot of drama… Kevin Durant’s traitorous ass… and the splash bros, imo, are overrated.

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      2. Celtics.

        I’ve liked the Thunder for a while as they were the team that used to be broadcasted all the time in the West, especially when Harden and KD were still there. Westbrook is a beast. I still like them and enjoy watching the current team a lot as well. You guys are a VERY good fan base, unlike most of the NBA. That’s what I like the most about the Thunder.

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  2. I’m tired of amiibo having exclusive content on them since some of them are so badly stocked it’s insulting & a spit in the face to consumers. amiibo should start being used to unlock stuff in a game right after using said amiibo on said game of stuff you’d normally have to beat the game at least once on the varying difficulties to obtain first. Basically an instant reward. As for the “but then people won’t have a reason to beat the game on this or that difficulty” excuse, there is a reason why these things are optional. If someone wants to cheat to get something in a game before beating it, they should have that option if they are playing a single player mode. In fact, this makes me realize how much I miss cheat codes.


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