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NBA 2K18 Will Have Face Simulation Technology On The Switch Post-Launch

2K’s NBA games have had face simulation technology for a while now, and it has been confirmed that this will continue on the Switch with NBA 2K18. However, it will not be available until after the game has released. 2K didn’t give an exact date, but they did say on their official forums that the feature will be added “through subsequent updates”. Afterwards, you will be able to use your mobile device to add your visual appearance in the game.



    1. Or just leave it out like EA? We don’t want to be overwhelmed after all.
      It’s good if they release it same time as other versions, even if that means some not so relevant content can be patched in afterwards.

          1. lmao, more than that, they are 2K. The makers of 2k17… trash to there community, games have been getting worse, and they know it but they don’t care. There is no other serious contender in basketball simulation games right now which is why many of us basketball fans hope to God that EA (yah… i know EA is better than 2K… thats sad) will make NBA Live actually good so we don’t have one option in 2k18.

  1. Wait wait wait…..hold on now.
    This sort of feature has existed for a while now, and I’m just NOW hearing about it? WHAT? If it’s what it sounds like, that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting in WWE games since I was a freakin’ kid. And I probably drove companies like THQ and Nintendo (and Acclaim) CRAZY with all of my constant letters I used to write. Now if WWE games would only have this feature (along with custom soundtracks) on the Switch, I’d be happier than any words could possibly say. But if a smartphone is needed for this to work, then it STILL won’t help me any.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up the last iteration of the face scan on 2k17 was down right horrible and 2k doesn’t improve much with these games so there’s a high chance it’ll have the same problems as 2k17

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