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(3DS) Attack On Titan 2 Releasing November 30 In Japan, More Details

Anime fans who own a 3DS may be happy to know that Attack On Titan 2: Future Coordinates launches November 30 in Japan. We’re yet to hear of a release outside of Japan but we can live in hope! For the time being though, we can now report on some of the games’ features thanks to Japanese website 4Gamer.net which I’ve included below:

  • Follows the story of the second season of the anime
  • Story mode has a bunch of missions loosely following the events of the second season of the anime
  • Play as several characters in story mode
  • In World Mode you get to create your very own characters, which then become a member of the Survey Corp
  • Play with friends in multiplayer, including online (with up to 4 players)
  • Has improved communication features for multiplayer
  • Build your base and fortify it
  • There are missions where the base is under attack from Titans, which is why you need to defend.

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