Nintendo Switch

Japan: Final Fantasy XV Director Can’t Find A Nintendo Switch

Kotaku recently had an interesting chat with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata. The talk was initially about the recent Final Fantasy game they teased for the Nintendo Switch and how porting it across to the new system was going. Tabata then proclaimed that he can’t find the lucrative console anywhere and has actively been searching for one.

“I want you to make the headline, ‘Tabata has not been able to purchase the Switch,’”

“I’ve already purchased all this software,” he said. “I have Zelda, Mario Kart, and Splatoon. I just haven’t been able to purchase the hardware.”

But wait a minute, I said. He’d just said that Nintendo gave him a call. Why not ask his contacts over there to hook him up?

“Because then I’d owe them, and I’ll have to support Nintendo,” Tabata said, laughing. “I want to have a neutral standing.”



    1. Not in my country. In Poland we have some of the consoles. Nintendo is not as popular as Sony where I live. This is why we have some if the Switches avalaible.


  1. Well, this should give him a hint of how popular the system is and it makes business sense to release the damn game for it. Either do it, or stop wasting our time!

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