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Nintendo US Website Says Golf Story For Switch Will Feature 2-Player Simultaneous Action

Golf Story is arriving on the Nintendo Switch this month and naturally Switch owners are excited to play the game. The official Nintendo website has a listing up for the game which states that the game features 2-player simultaneous action. The developers have yet to confirm this, but it would certainly make for an interesting addition to the title.

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  1. I hate when nothing is ever mentioned about whether a game is digital only, or physical (or both). I sometimes wish there were 2 Nintendo news sites (like this one). One that covered only the physical games, and the other that covered only the digital games. Just so I wouldn’t have to keep guessing anymore.

    1. Sony is the worst. Especially with Vita. They’re always vague when they’re not going to have the game physically. But the solution is Wikipedia, they do have tracking on this (of course from inputs of others), but not necessarily stated on the dedicated article of the game. Often in lists like “Wii U exclusives”. Then again about everything comes out physically thanks to Limited Run Games ‘n stuff.

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