Japan: Zelda Breath Of Wild Has Surpassed Sales Of Zelda Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda series is huge here in the west but sales of the series in Japan are generally lower. Media Create data shows that the latest Zelda entry The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has now surpassed sales of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The latest data shows that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold a combined 709,091 units and has passed Twilight Princess total of 642,607 copies. The next Zelda game to overtake is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker which sold 837,391 copies.

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      1. Its not a bad game by any means, buy its definitely not the great game that everyone praises it to be. (This is only in comparison to games in the series.)

        1. What game in the zelda series isn’t a great game in your opinion. I think that the Zelda series hasn’t had anything under greatness since Zelda 2 on the home console side of things. In fact, I believe the word masterpiece is trivialized because of how many masterpieces there are in the Zelda series.

          Back onto topic, Twilight Princess is an epic-feeling game. Midna is literally the best companion in the series. Twilight’s princess’s overworld is huge (land not ocean/sky) compared to any zelda game besides BOTW. And though a complaint may be its fields are empty I can’t see why. The overworld is full of secrets and if you don’t want to go for every heart piece, you can quickly traverse it which is awesome. It is on the easy side but despite that, the boss fights are, once again, epic. I especially love the transitions between the boss theme to a legendary sounding theme. It feels amazing. The scale of the bosses also adds to this sence of ‘epicness’ and ‘legendaryness.’ The game is marketed towards being dark but in all honestly it’s more joyful than 1/3rd of windwaker. It isn’t at all dark in my opinion. With this uplifting and epic feel of the game mixed with the dark-looking themes, you get a very interesting mix. I like to imagine games in music and color. This game represents gold in my mind. Gold meaning the legendary journey. This covered in an outline of gray in an eclipse-like fashion. Sure wolf Link can get a bit dull… if we had to use him for very long. The truth is you really don’t need wolf Link most the time and you have the option to not use him most of the time.

          1. Well the oracle games arent Amazing games, but they are still good (Seasons is personally in my top 5, but I can see its flaws.) As I said, TP isnt a bad game, but its not the masterpiece that everyone makes it out to be, which is why I call it an overhyped game , NOT a bad game.

            Now my complains about the game are a couple, yes the journey is a good one, but its always been a good journey, in every single zelda game, what makes the journey AMAZING is the items, which TP really suffers in. An amazing zelda game utilizes ALL its items, they all work in and out of the dungeons you find them in. But some of them have little to no use outside of their dungeons. The empty world, which I get, that its supposed to be empty, but it shouldnt feel like a chore, specially riding on epona. The BS side quest, the useless climax to the armor quest and, the bug quest, they just arent good, the long as intro, AND as you mentioned, the wolf sections. Those arent great.

            1. Oracle games are handheld games and i did say core didn’t I . Sorry if i didn’t say that.

              On Twilight Princess… I disagree completely. I think twilight princess used its items plenty in the overworld. The chain and ball is the only one they didn’t use enough. Even the spinner has use outside the dungeon… its just so fun to use it should’ve been used more. My favorite game OF ALL TIME is Zelda Windwaker… that game has many instances of items you use outside the dungeon only a couple times.

              And i think what makes a zelda game great is the overworld and dungeons. The items help but… they don’t break the game. I think twilight princess has great items that get the minimum amount of use they need outside the dungeon to make twilight have a chance of masterpeiceness. And considering twilight princess delivers on story, overworld, combat, ect, that is why i love it so much and don’t at all think it is overrated.

    1. I didn’t care much for TP, but overhyped could also apply to BotW. It’s nowhere near “god tier”.

  1. Love Wind Waker, while Twilight Princess was a very enjoyable game, but I wasn’t a fan of being forced into being Wolf Link at certain points in the game. That’s my only gripe, other than that the game is amazing. Bug catching for Princess Agatha is my second favorite all time Zelda events. Should have been in every game thereafter.

    I just really got started playing BotW, rather than screwing around, I love how difficult it can be.

    The only main line Zelda title I’ve never played is Skyward Sword, which I hear mixed opinions about. Still want to try it at some point.

    1. Besides the motion controls, Skyward Sword’s problem is that the storyline is always interrupted by having you do somewhat meaningless tasks that you’re required to do to progress through the game. You’ll know what I mean if you pick up the game and make it to Faron Woods, the game practically has you go on a wild goose hunt for a good hour or two.

    2. @ skeletons 420,
      I think the Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword is my favorite Princess Zelda of all. I loved how she was just a regular girl in the village, caring for her loftwing (bird), and how she was Link’s best friend. It’s also the first time (to my knowledge) that they ever showed that there might be something more than just friendship between her and Link. Skyward Sword has it’s flaws (like all games), but I always thought it was crazy when I heard people insulting it. It’s one of my favorite games, like all Zelda games are. The only things I remember hating about it was constantly having to fight that same stupid monster with giant toenails, again and again (can’t remember the name of it. It’s been too long). And those weird, outer realm quests where you have to collect the glowing ball thingies while avoiding the enemies that relentlessly try to get you. Those parts stressed me out. Nobody should EVER pass on a Zelda game just because some people complain about them. Every one of them has something special to offer.

      1. Indeed, much better than the Zelda in BoTW. In BoTW she seems to do nothing but complain and the only time I liked her character was with that flashback with the frog since we got to see a different side of her.

    1. I’m WindWaker but I love twilight princess. Twilight princess seems to be the sonic adventure of the zelda series though to lesser extent. It’s a great game for sure but people like to hate it for no good reason without even playing it.

      WindWaker of course is the opposite but that’s what confuses me most. WindWaker and twilight princess are rather similar especially in gameplay.

  2. Twilight princess is definitely more western aimed. I would rather see botw compared to the us or worldwide sales. I’m sure botw will sell amazing but selling better in Japan is one thing, twilight princess is the second highest selling zelda game ever.

  3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    While Twilight Princess is great in it’s own right, Wind Waker is still one of the funnest games in the franchise & it’s story is a lot darker than people give it credit for because of the art style, so I’m not surprised WW has more sales than TP. Anyway, good luck to BotW surpassing WW’s sales. Personally, I still find Majora’s Mask & Wind Waker as the pinnacles of the franchise. BotW would surpass both for me IF the dungeons weren’t worse than the dungeons in the games before this one & if there were more enemy variety. Even the dungeon bosses are pretty similar in overall design. :/ Next time they have a Zelda game where the bosses are incarnations of the main big bad, check out Naraku of the anime Inuyasha first & see how to make incarnations look completely different from their master.

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