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CoroCoro Has Leaked Online With Pokemon Information

The October edition of CoroCoro has leaked online ahead of release and with it comes some Pokemon information. Translations for the magazine are ongoing but PokeJungle are in the process of doing exactly that. Here’s the details revealed so far:

  • Necrozma with the power of Solgaleo is called ‘Mane of Twilight’. Able to use Sunsteel Strike, signature move of Solgaleo.
  • Necrozma with the power of Lunala is called ‘Wings of Dawn’. Able to use Moongeist Beam, signature move of Lunala.




  1. I knew it wasn’t fusion. Necrozma is based off a prism so I felt it was going to be a play on the Sun’s (Solgaleo) or Moon’s (Lunala) light passing through and changing form

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