Here’s The Latest EDGE Review Scores

If you are a subscriber to EDGE magazine then you’ll have no doubt received the latest copy of the magazine. There’s plenty of reviews in this month’s edition of the respected publication including Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Sonic Mania. NeoGAF member EmiPrime has provided extracts from the reviews which you can read, below.

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: 9 “if Odyssey is to be Mario’s best game this year, it has a pretty high bar to clear. Now there’s something we never imagined writing”
  • Lawbreakers: 8 “It’s proof, among other things, that veteran design talent really does mean something – and that the shooters of the late ’90s still have something to teach the modern games industry”
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: 8 “a finely paced action game with a story to tell and no creeping sense that the needs of one are undermining the quality of the other”
  • Yakuza Kiwami: 8 “about as good as a videogame remake gets”
  • Knack 2: 5 “improves on its predecessor in just about ever department, which is to say it is merely flawed, rather than deeply so”
  • Nidhogg 2: 7 “Played as intended, however, in local multi-player, Nidhogg 2 sings”
  • Agents of Mayhem: 4 “imprisoned by its own lack of imagination”
  • Sonic Mania: 7 “faithful to a fault… This convincing comeback has been designed for the die-hards – and they haven’t been this well served by a Sonic game for ages”
  • Matterfall: 5 “you’ll quickly find yourself pining for another recent Housemarque release, Nex Machina”



  1. WTF! Sonic Mania a 7?! Bruh, 66% of the stages are old? Nope, thats exaggerated. Act two of all old stages were basically new stages with the old themes. Act one was a remix of both acts from the old game.

        1. The game has always been mediocre. Sonic runners on smartphones are actually more engaging and the rightful evolution of that old good for nothing gameplay.

            1. It’s an unappealing runner, pretty boring. Eventually they invented a genre (that would have exploded twenty years later with games from other publishers), but the actual game isn’t good in my opinion.

              1. … it’s not a runner though. It’s high paced action-platforming.

                I mean it’s like speed running platformers (I like to speed run Mario world and m64)

                But it’s made easy to get that speed if you are decent at the game. Then when u get skilled enough to speed run it’s crazy and fun.

    1. It will be a copy (of Edge) to attach to the wall of the house of Mario+Rabbids creator’s. I’m very happy for him, it’s a dream come true. Deserved (not the number, but the dream that came true) in my opinion.

  2. To me it’s funny to read Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle review.

    if Odyssey is to be Mario’s best game this year, it has a pretty high bar to clear. Now there’s something we never imagined writing

    They basically referring to Super Mario Odyssey as, already, a superior game than Mario + Rabbids.

    1. Not necessarily. They are saying Mario Odyssey will have to pull out something of a Hat-trick in order to best Mario + Rabbids…. And from what I’ve seen…. Hat-tricks seem to be Mario Odyssey’s Forte

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