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Here’s Ten Minutes Of Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay At 1080p And 60fps

Arguably the biggest game to launch this holiday season is the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch. YouTuber Tilmen recently managed to get some hands-on time with Mario’s latest adventure and has captured some direct feed footage of the game, which is due out next month. Not long to go now!


      1. Funny you say that… I was thinking the same in BOTW. Some ability to punch or kick or do “something” without a weapon would be cool… as great as that game is, still room to grow.

        I assume the same with Odyssey, they can only do so much for each iteration and keep building.

        Also came up with a great concept for a controller (or controllers) that sit in the palm of your hand, somewhat joycon size, and then have finger attachments for the ability to manipulate each finger for close up puzzle games, etc in first person. And how to use those controllers (and even the joy con really) for movement in third person. But whatever… sorry for that, I just had some coffee ;)

      1. You’re thinking of when they said the Splatoon 2 ran “up to 1080p”. This footage that Tilmen uploaded doesn’t look 1080p to me. The sharp edges of buildings and the thin lines of railings and traffic signs still appear to shimmer as much as all the 720p footage we’ve seen before. The screenshots in the press kit from E3 were also 720p.

          1. I haven’t seen anything saying that Oddysey is 1080p nor have I seen any 1080p footage.

            Even Splatoon 2 wound up not being a fixed 1080p. It uses an adaptive resolution from 1152×648 to 1280×720 in handheld mode and 1536×854 to 1920×1080 in docked mode with it spending most of the time at the lowest resolution.

          1. At the last E3, BotW had already been released. The one before that was the one that was all BotW but that was the Wii U version. The Switch hadn’t even been announced at the time.

  1. Wow Tilmen is playing the hypocrite card again. That’s the same guy who dislikes amiibos yet buys them, the guy who talked crap about Iwata and the Wii U and also criticized the switch, the guy who insulted EA and now idolizes them…yes that guy!

      1. He’s just an attention whore, i remember how mad he went when nintendo announced that youtube creators program and coincidentally it was went his channel was selected as youtube partner…man that was epic, since that day he started talking crap about the company and now that the switch is selling well he is saying good things, i used to talk to him on twitter and since he started to talk crap out of spite then i stopped following him.

  2. The title of the video is misleading, the title of the article is misleading as a result, I guess. The game is clearly not being run on 1080p resolution (in the video).

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