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The Dev Team For A Hat In Time Have Gotten Access To The Nintendo Switch Devkits

You may recall back in May that the dev team for A Hat In Time said that they wanted to bring the game to Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo wasn’t responding to their messages and the team haven’t been able to get a Switch devkit. Well, we have good news to share with you. The team have announced that they have gotten access to devkits, although they won’t have time to check them out “for a while” as “we’re SO close to release”. Here’s their full statement on the matter:

Hey everyone, thank you so much for your continued support for A Hat in Time!! A while ago, we asked our fans to make sure to let everyone know how much you care for the game, and you really have! Humble and Gears now have access to Nintendo Switch devkits. Unfortunately we won’t have time to touch the devkits for a while now that we’re SO close to release (October 5th). Additionally, we’d like to remind everyone that there are NO PLANS for additional releases until we make any kind of official announcement.


10 thoughts on “The Dev Team For A Hat In Time Have Gotten Access To The Nintendo Switch Devkits”

  1. Looks decent. Eventually not my cup of tea, though it looks solid.
    Nintendo Switch should be their target, it would flourish on a Nintendo console (like Wonderboy did).

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