Nintendo Switch

GameStop’s Selling An Exclusive Skyrim Switch Bundle With A Clear Protector Case

Exclusive products from GameStop are not uncommon, but a product on this scale can stand out most of all. GameStop now has a listing for an exclusive Skyrim Switch bundle that will release when the game comes out in mid-November. The $84.99 bundle is officially licensed by Nintendo and Bethesda. As for its contents, the bundle comes with a copy of Skyrim and a 3-piece clear protector case for your Nintendo Switch. The case features Skyrim artwork, making the case resemble worn metal armor that you would see in the game. You can even remove the Joy-Con controllers from your Switch with the case attached, so you don’t have to take the case off. You can check out the product for yourself here.



      1. You love to troll on here now stop it I’m not the only that thanks GameStop should go bankrupt
        Everyone knows GameStop treats the employees like garbage, and treat us like garbage too but I guess you probs don’t understand because maybe someone else is purchasing your games, please stop being salty ;)

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      2. @N64EVER.

        Really? So you like shitty deals, long lines, idiot sales reps who don’t know anything about the games, reps who are usually girls just to drive sales instead of actually hiring them because they really are gamers or love the industry, and them controlling how game developers push out DLC? Did I forget those dumb bundles they pushed on the switch instead of just letting people buy the system without the pointless extra shit? How many people got a switch bundle just to get a switch and paid the extra 60 to 100 for the worthless shit? Might as well pay a scalper, cause I wouldn’t be giving that to crapstop

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