Nintendo Switch

Rumor: A Netflix Customer Service Rep Says That Netflix Is “Locked & Loaded” For The Switch

There hasn’t been any info on a Nintendo Switch version of Netflix lately, but a recent development may have offered insight as to why. A Netflix customer service rep has told GoNintendo user KamehamehaX that Netflix is “locked and loaded” for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, Netflix has been trying to get permission from Nintendo to launch the app on the console, which no results yet. Once Nintendo approves of it, then the Netflix Nintendo Switch app will launch and be added to the eShop.




    1. I don’t get why people like to use consoles as their Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Youtube device. i find consoles to be the most obtuse way to interact with those services. just get yourself a $30 Chromecast, stick it into the back of your TV and use any cellphone/tablet in your house to stream to your TV. it’s the simplest, most convenient and fluid way

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      1. I don’t know man, maybe it’s because i lived in the Blockbuster rental era… Call me old fashioned, but i like to have dedicated media systems, the Switch didn’t need it, but it’s a welcomed solution

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      2. Or there’s Amazon Fire TV and Roku sticks, no Casting/Streaming from a phone required, though it’s an option, at least with Fire as it uses Android OS. Amazon and Roku also make bigger and better dedicated streaming devices.


  1. I think Nintendo will be announcing all these streaming apps with an upcoming direct and possibly an update to the os adding a web browser. They probably want to focus on their big games right now. Honestly with the short battery life on the go I don’t see much point in watching portable mode but for tv watching it’s kind of a given so I’m not really worried about whether those apps will be added I’m just wondering when they will be added.

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    1. I think streaming apps may get more mileage out of the Switch battery since, unlike games, they don’t require the console to render 3D models and such. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Switch’s battery could last much longer if you only watched Netflix on it.


      1. That’s pretty sad if your going to buy for just some service that’s a horrible reason to buy a console, the main reason to buy a console would be games if you are waiting on service that’s cool to along as you getting games also


      2. Again, it’s just a convenience. If you already have a gaming device that can stream, there’s no need to spend extra money for a product that your console can do out of the box. You can buy another game with that money.

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  2. I wonder why Nintendo don’t want the app yet on the switch… with the ability of downloding a movie on the console with netflix, you can now watch à movie anywhere on a nice portable screen!


    1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      It’d be nice if the Switch is able to copy the PS4 where instead of turning off the game you are on, it puts the game into a sleep mode of sorts while you watch Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming apps. And vice versa if you decide to play the game again. The only time a game or streaming app is shut off completely is when you want to play a different game or watch a different streaming app.


  3. Pretty good chance it will come alongside other apps and services like the web browser, once their online service is up and running. One update to add everything most likely. That’s my guess. It makes sense at any rate.


  4. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    I’d like it if these apps were available on the Switch when I start using the thing on a regular basis so I don’t have to switch between it & my PS4 whenever I want to watch something on Netflix. It’d be nice to quickly switch between playing a Switch game to watching something on Netflix instead of having to wait for my PS4 to start up.


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