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Japan: Attack On Titan 2 Heading To Nintendo Switch

It has been announced today that Koei Tecmo will be bringing Attack on Titan 2 to the Nintendo Switch. The game has only been announced for Japan, so we are awaiting word as to when the game will be localised. Western retailer listings have revealed that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are destined for the west, but we shall have to see about the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Attack on Titan 2 is coming to Japan in early 2018.

  • 3D Maneuver Gear actions are more diversified.
  • Titan movements have evolved, making battles more exhilarating.
  • Players can experience the story of the second season of the television anime.
  • The amount of playable characters in Attack on Titan 2 has significantly increased from the 10 playable characters in Koei Tecmo’s first Attack on Titan game. (A specific number was not announced.)
  • Players will be able to have deep exchanges with the characters from the original work.
  • [???] can be created.
  • [???] Mode has been implemented.


Thanks to Paidenthusiast for the tip!


  1. About time a Nintendo system finally got an anime game. Seriously, it sucked when those types of games basically abandoned Nintendo for Playstation.

    1. There have already been a few. Fate/Extella, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, One Piece Unlimited Red World, Steins;Gate Elite, and more.

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