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Here’s 15 Minutes Of DOOM On Nintendo Switch

YouTuber Tilmen recently received the opportunity to visit Bethesda and get some hands-on time with DOOM for the Nintendo Switch. Naturally he accepted the invitation and has uploaded fifteen minutes of ultra-violent footage that you would expect from the established series. You can take a watch, below!


    1. I think the last room on a Nintendo system was the SNES. I like how when room, skyrim, Wolfenstein get announced for the switch then suddenly third party Revs go “oh wow, we want a game on the switch too” ……i mean i know it’s under powered, but only a bit. Yes doom is going to be 720p at all times…..but still its on the system

      1. Last Nintendo Doom was N64. And yeah, it’s pretty freaking awesome to see it on the Switch. This is a portable Doom after all, and it’s absolutely shocking how close it is to the PS4 version visually.

      2. I highly doubt its going to b “720p at all time”, im assuming its going to b using an adaptive resolution, just like the Xbox One and PS4 ver. use.

  1. Finally some real games on a Nintendo console intead of all the my little pony crap. This is probally the first time since the gamecube. Now it just needs Witcher, GTA, Metal Gear , Fallout , Overwatch , Battlefield , Cod , Tomb Raider , Dragon Age , Dark Souls and all of the other amazing third party games that other consoles do have and we got a real gaming console that you buy for actuall games.

    1. Dark souls and fallout well probably come. I think witcher well always be on premium graphics, overwatch is a No, dragon age well need a lot of demand (no)
      GTA……tough to say, but it has a good chance. I think we might see red dead ….if that sells well, then id say GTA has. Good chance. Metal gear is a 50/50 i wouldn’t be surprised if it did though.
      Battlefield and call of duty…..i hope people stop talking about that crap and it just goes away. Clunky BS games for 30+ bros who don’t have real lives.

      1. @ GerikDT cause I grew up with Nintendo ruling the console market with the 8 Bit and Snes + gameboy that offered what playstation 1-4 offers and i’m still pissed about the fact that Nintendo went this downhill game wise.

        @ Strrranders I have a ps1 till ps4 cause they took over all the games that Nintendo consoles used to offer besides first party

    2. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      If you want people to understand you have a different opinion to their own…

    3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      But you already knew that since you are a regular here. lol

      1. Doesn’t it look a bit bland? I don’t see Doom’s charisma there. Fallout 3: New Vegas, that was a great game. I hope they develop and publish games like that more than empty Dooms (still like very old Dooms).

    1. I have to agree, I loved the original Doom’s grungy, industrial aesthetic, and I feel like they streamlined and modernized it too much for the remake. I don’t think it looks BAD per se, just… not what I’d personally want to see for a Doom successor.

      Still, people like the game and in all fairness I haven’t played it, myself, so I’m only going off of aesthetics. But obviously a lot of people enjoy the game, so I’m glad Bethesda is bringing it to Switch. Now just bring us Fallout, please… and Indon’t just mean 4, I mean the whole Bethesda trilogy. Daddy wants.

      1. Sure, not questioning people’s preference, to me it just looks bland and useless rude, like that Duke Nukem remake it lacks charisma. Still if you see it as a generic shooter than it’s digestible.
        Fallout would be good, and all their future games. Eventually simple ports will not sell that much, it should be expected. I would not buy even those Fallouts, I have them on PC. Eventually new ones instead.

  2. Something that always let the 3ds down was the lack of proper shooters, really happy to see this coming to the switch.

  3. Oh yeah lock and load ;)

    But my main issue with the switch at this time is … I even have to many games at this point.
    Example; Steamworld DIg released 21st, had to play my ass of but 100% completed it, and tadaaa a wild Pokken appeared. Seriously the Switch library for year 1 is more then awesome.

    Enter Doom; I just hope I have had enough time atleast for what all is coming before it;
    Sine Mora EX (stil doubting if im getting this)
    Fifa 18 (casual game so that is no problem)
    Wulverblade (dont know what to expect in length)
    Axiom Verge (I will wait for the physical edition (end of Nov))
    Tiny Barbarian DX (stil doubting if im getting this)
    Yono and the Celestial Elephants (Awaiting review but looks cute)
    Super Mario Odyssey (I expect it to be pretty darn big)
    WWE2K18 (casual game so that is no problem)
    Snipperclips Plus
    LA Noire
    The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    All that is coming out before DOOM in December (plus probably a few I forgot.

    Besides that; FPS are not my strong suit … but I just cant miss DOOM on Switch. Instant must have!

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