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Japan: Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Revealed

It’s not long now till Fire Emblem Warriors arrives on both the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. Today, Koei Tecmo have revealed the three downloadable content packs that the game will be getting, You can either purchase the DLC individually or alternatively you can buy a bundle containing all three pieces of DLC and a bonus Lucina bride costume for ¥3,000. Here’s what the three packs of the DLC contain:

  1. Fire Emblem if (Fates) Late 2017 ¥1,400
  2. Fire Emblem: New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light (Shadow Dragon) Winter 2018 ¥1,400
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening 2018 ¥1,400



  1. Trash game

    Ain’t touching this shit with a ten foot pole

    You couldn’t even fucking put in classic games as DLC????

    Fuck you Koei

    1. While I’m not angry like you are, I too am disappointed that the other fire emblem games (mainly Ike’s games since they’re my favorites) have so far not been seen to be even planned for the game. I’ll probably get this if I can play as path of radiance characters but otherwise? Meh, I have other games to play anyways.

    2. I like Awakening and Fates, but is it to much to ask for Roy and Ike in this game? Also, Lucina in a bride dress, really? And I think this game is gonna prove you can have too many females in a game, Hyrule warriors all over again. I might set this one out.

      1. Yes, it is. From all the buzillions classic characters a FE fan could ask, Roy is not one of them, Smash fanboy….
        Give me Eirika, Palla, Hector, literally anyone else before that excuse for a lord….

  2. Already talking about DLC…
    Tisk tisk, its a must have on my Switch otherwise I’d skip it like I did with so many PS4 games I was looking forward to! I don’t like the fact that DLC or Ultimate Editions exist before launch, these are the sort of things we get at least a few months later to show support for the game rather than tease us by outright saying you aren’t getting the full package.

    1. Hang on, the game is almost out, why wouldn’t they be talking about DLC at this point? And look at the releases, the first 1 isn’t even set till Winter with the other 2 set for 2018! If this were Capcom, they’d be putting out the DLC within a month or 2.

  3. While Nintendo never ever have had the consumer in mind after Iwata died, I do not like DLC or Season more than the next guy, I love them compared to microtransactions. It’s wrong to have day one content locked behind paywalls. DLC is supposed to add, not take content away.

    And WHY THE HECK is it DLC’S from games that the main game already has?! Why not add some real Fire Emblem games(sorry Shadow Dragon, your not that good either).

    1. But… its not Day 1. This content isn’t coming for months. At best its only just started development (games need to be finished a couple weeks for launch if not further in order to be ready to ship).

      Its only available to purchase for launch. Day 1 DLC is DLC that’s available AT LAUNCH. There’s a huge difference there.

      1. Intelligent and Koei aren’t people you should trust. They have had plenty with day one content locked away before AND those DLCs they’re talking about aren’t far off, so they could just as easily say that it’s not finished, but still actually are. Strategy to keep interest in the game over time and at the same time keep the rage down at the same time.

    2. Trust me it wasn’t just Echoes the DLC has always been shit in FE.

      They locked out so much behind a paywall including amiibos with Fates for ENTIRE new characters with dialogue and voices

      Fates’ DLC is so much worse.

      1. I know, it sucked bad, and it did so with FE: Heroes of Shadow and Light as well. But Echoes release stuff in Japan and when the game later released in Europe it was still paywall

        1. At least it wasn’t Awakening where you pay a lot of cash for recycled models with no effort either. (Card DLC)

      2. But, why is it so hard to just ignore dlc? I know I haven’t bought any of that because, to me, it wasn’t worth the money either. But why should I be angry about something like that?

      3. Peridot Gem, Why? We have already seen some classic characters getting announced, like Lyn, and we still haven’t seen the whole roaster. Or are Lyn and Celica DLC and I just missed that? Because I believe not.

        1. IS forced them in. Lyn because she’s most popular and Celica for Echoes advertisement. They stick out like sore thumbs for a reason. They had to force in Lucina too…. You know that right?

      4. Fates DLC wasn’t all that bad Heirs of Fate was a good side story that had nothing to do with the actual plot. Hidden truths I’m mixed on but the only thing I can think that was kind of negative were the OP DLC classes but I see nothing wrong that extra content. Echoes DLC was pretty much the same but expensive

        1. Hidden Truths was trash because you had to pay money to get answers to questions that should’ve been acknowledged.

          Echoes at least gives you new characters with supports and base conversations. They were even drawn by the game’s artstyle! WITH full voice acted dialogue too!

    3. You are one of those people that just expect to see some kind of scam behind everything, are you?

      “Nintendo never ever have had the consumer in mind after Iwata died” Completely baseless assumption.

      “DLC is supposed to add, not take content away” You literally can’t ever know whether they would have made that content if they couldn’t plan with additional income. Even the day one dlc content might never exist without the additional income of “dlc” themselfs. So from case to case you might be right or wrong.

      “Fire Emblem Echoes was pure scam” Because of what? Because it was 3 games you had to buy seperately? You are aware that every single route had more than enough content to be considered a full game by itself, yes? I, for example, did need 50 hours for just one of those routes… And any additional rout is cheaper than the first one, so you actually get a lot of playtime for your money.

      “Amiibo (DLC in plastic day one)” Oh, come on, Amiibo unlock minor fun stuff in certain games. You can’t possibly be angry about not experiencing something as minor as that. I also very much doubt that many people actually buy amiibo for what they are doing in games, most just want to have the nice figurines. One of the few exception might be for Smash Bros., that use was not as minor, ok. But I’d say the game had more than enough content by itself to make up for it, no?

      Also: “Why not add some real Fire Emblem games(sorry Shadow Dragon, your not that good either).” Sorry but, just because Shadow Dragon wasn’t that good, doesn’t mean it is not a “real Fire Emblem”, in fact it is the original, you can’t get more real than that. Besides that, Lyn and Celica have already been confirmed as well, are they also not from “real Fire Emblem” games, in your opinion?

      1. Dude, take a chill pill. I have already pre-ordered the Limited Edition and both Amiibos (like EVERY single Amiibo-figure in Europe as well). I also always have buying every single DLC to every single Fire Emblem because I support Fire Emblem more than anything else, but I don’t like the route they’re going. I have my own right to be skeptical and be “one of those people that just expect to see some kind of scam behind everything”. I usually do that, and you can’t say that’s everything in this business is clean.

        Too many people are too naïve about this topic (not targeting you) and that’s a bad thing. If everyone just accepts things like Echoes’ DLCs (Not Fate like you mentioned over there) we will get more of that garbage. DLC priced higher than the game itself with no real value in it.

        I wrote that “real” FE comment to make a discussion :P I said sorry to Shadow Dragon because I called it “not real”, I just stated it was bad instead.

      2. I somehow made the mistake of confusing Echoes with Fates, I have no idea how I managed to do that, but sorry about that.
        Maybe I am a bit too on edge lately, because everything I read everywhere is just complains and mostly not even with good reason…

      3. It’s okey. There are a lot of fanboys out there with no real argument or ability to have a constrictive conversation at all. So I understand where you’re coming from.

        The topic about Iwata was that I remembered him for things like the Ambassador program; which he publicly apologized for the early birds of 3DS, who had to pay a lot more for their 3DS’. Nowadays Nintendo just say things like “LCD’s are expedited to have dead pixels in 2017”. Iwata was against F2P and HE was the one coming with the term “Free 2 Start” instead – and he didn’t like DLC either. He came with the Wii U Premium-system where you could endlessly, or at least a long period, store your points and spend them on whatever you wanted(until the service went down). Now you have MyNintendo where even gold points runs out after a time, and you have to pick offers they use from you. I could tell more about what pro consumer things he did for us. Of course he was alive under things like MyNintendo and announced the mobile games etc, but I do believe he was pushed if you conduct the sum-ups from general meetings and stock owner requests. Have in mind he was dying sick. He wasn’t perfect, but a damn good boss who thought more of us than what Kimishima has.

        I don’t like the argument about “It’s just a choice to buy DLC’s”. It’s not always that simple, and even though YOU as a single person don’t, plenty more does it for you. It’s like the Presidential election in the States LOOOOOL I know, terrible example :P But as of Fire Emblem I’m one of those who ruins for others. I buy all the extra stuff. I buy all the things you don’t need, but Intelligent want us all to buy – because I support FE. I’m my own problem there. But I still don’t like to pay 369 NOK for garbage content for a game which costed 349 NOK. I’ve been programming games for almost 10 years, and I can almost guarantee you Nintendo earned good amount for cash on Echoes without DLC’s. Awakening may have been more expensive for them since they had to build an engine and assets etc, but Fates and Echoes pulled in plenty – I’m sure.

        Nintendo has also stated they’re keeping content back so they can keep interest up for games over time. Dataminers found plenty with on-disc DLC for Splatoon 1. Not that they took paid for it, but you know they have that mindset(and I don’t think it’s a bad one when it’s free), and Echoes had DLC released in Japan, and we still had to pay for it in the western release which were later; and they came with one DLC every week even though they were already out in Japan. And they just gave us Items and classes each week. So why would I believe Intelligent and Koei Tecmo tells the truth when they say that it’s more content on they way later this year, and launches late October? They might pull it back just for keeping the interest up and make us believe they are coming with more content they haven’t get to finished yet. I can’t prove it, but it’s far from impossible it’s true.

        Almost sure they said they either will come more characters for other games than those three last, and if not they might turn up in a sequel I think I read a place. If that’s true I’m going to be mad… I can’t find the source so I can’t state that as facts yet, but I’m quite sure. And why does the DLC include Awakening, Fates and Shadow Dragon when those are the main games anyway?

        Since my English is pretty broken I’m jisy going to state: I’m not trying to attack or are mad at anyone here; even though I wrote a lot :P

  4. You lot are probably the same ones whining about botw dlc, making the ridiculous claims that content is being hidden away acting like you were being shortchanged in someway even though that game is huge. This game will have more than enough going on, the dlc is for people who are really into the game and want more. I know, why doesn’t the game come out in about 3 years time once they’ve put everything they could possibly think of into the game just so you can feel safe that you’re getting your moneys worth. The outrage over this game is pathetic

    1. Shut the fuck up

      Not adding other games as DLC is a trash decision and bullshit and your boot licking is hilarious.

    2. I agree with you, people being angry about things like that is just stupid, seriously.
      But it is how it always is, someone just has to mention “DLC” and some people are getting angry because of reasons that are really just assumptions…

      That is a really big thing nowadays on the internet, everyone is constantly assuming things with “they are bad so it must be like this” way of thinking.

      1. No, it’s because we’re used to the age where games released with full content and not half assed.

        And don’t give me the bullshit that this will be a full release because it’s not, you can tell from everyone bickering that __ character/release is missing.

  5. I’m happy, gives me reasons to revisit the game running up to the end of next year. I hope even more DLC comes in the future like it did with Hyrule Warriors Legends. I wonder what Fates and Awakening Characters we will see.

  6. Already talking about the DLC when the game isn’t released yet.

    Ok slow down. Release the game first and then we will talk about Ike in this game.

  7. This is rich, the same Sakurai fanboy that was happy with too many Fire Emblem reps in Smash is angry over DLC.

    I think the DLC is shit, but this is hilarious to see.

    1. If you’re talking about me I still don’t give a shit since FE is a major heavy hitter now… Though I want shitters like Corrin completely cut. Corrin is now a trash character and isn’t worth keeping in tbh.

  8. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Really!? The DLC is focused on the games already in the game!? Least the DLC for Hyrule Warriors focused on some of the games not represented in the main game. :/ While I like the idea of Bride Lucina, that should have been an unlockable in the bloody game itself if not free DLC. Instead, it’s a bonus for getting the DLC. Lame.

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