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Spelunker Party Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 19th

Square Enix has today confirmed a western release for Spelunker Party on the Nintendo Switch. The game will be arriving on the Nintendo eShop on October 19th for $29.99. There will also be a demo for the game on October 7th.

Following the story of Spelunkette and her friends, explorers can adventure solo or with up to four players in local and online multiplayer mode, avoiding dangerous pitfalls, boulders and wicked creations. In multiplayer mode, players can also join together to access new areas and revive teammates. With over 100 thrilling stages to challenge, players will discover Litho-stones hidden throughout each map to unlock new items, equipment and faithful pets to customize their characters and aid in cave exploration.

Thanks to JunTheBobOmbAce for the tip!



    1. The Spelunker games are notorious for their insane difficulty, it’s definitely worth your time, especially online.

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