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DOOM For Nintendo Switch Won’t Include Motion Control Aiming

A Bethesda representative has confirmed to Glixel that the upcoming DOOM for the Nintendo Switch won’t feature motion control aiming which players are familiar with thanks to Splatoon. The game will presumably just have traditional analogue controls.

And, unfortunately, no, the game does not include Splatoon-like motion controls.



  1. Even the Steam-controller on Steam can use motion control in Doom (or any other game for that matter). Not that I know how it is to develop for Switch, but is it that hard to integrate that function?

    1. Probably not, unless it’s for a new game or implemented badly. Should be easy to just slap in there and have it move your cursor, but that doesn’t feel natural or intuitive. It takes some more work to actually make it feel good.

      1. (Gosh, my correction was still wrong, I meant “no it’s not that hard, unless it’s implemented into an old game and actually done well” – brain fart)

        I haven’t used the Steam controller a lot, so I can’t judge for myself how well it works and if it comes any close to the gyro controls of, let’s say, Splatoon. I do have certain expectations from that kind of control scheme, though. For example: the gyro controls should do fine and small movements, while the right stick should do bigger and faster movements. Also I want to be able to aim for a bit without the camera moving along. The camera should only move if I get close to the screen’s border. This is where a lot of shooters already don’t work well with gyrol controls, because in a lot first person games, the cursor is always centered on the screen, so no matter how little you move the controller, the camera always moves along. I personally wouldn’t want this when using gyro controls for aiming, I think it feels confusing and unintuitve. Changing this in an existing game could take quite a bit of refactoring, though, that’s why adding such a feature into an older game is, at least, not trivial (unless it’s not done perfectly).

  2. I don’t give a crap. Even without motion controls, DOOM for the Nintendo Switch is still on my radar. What all of you guys do not understand is that you can play this AAA title on the go as well as at home in your big comfy couch or love seat.

    1. I understand that. I’m pretty sure everyone who owns a Switch manages to understand the core concept of the system. But I don’t play shooters on my couch like that unless there is motion or stylus control. And that means that if I want to play this, its PC for me.

      1. You’re still wrong about one thing, froggy. Not all video games have motion control. Your comment at the end is complete double standards.

      2. So I’m not sure quite what you mean here? Maybe I should clarify, I only play console shooters that have motion controls. Since I’m mouse and keyboard first and foremost with this genre, I don’t buy shooters on consoles unless they do have motion control.

        And if that’s not what you meant, my apologies.

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            1. It’s still HD even if it’s the first level. Anything below that is what’s considered “sub HD,” or in your words, “barely HD.”

      1. Hes not wrong. 720p is barely HD. Hes not saying its not HD, its just that anything lower and it wouldnt be HD anymore. Anything lower would be sub-HD therefore not HD at all.

          1. Barely HD means its just HD. Its kind of like saying, I barely passed my class, it means you passed, but barely got there. I do understand why people see it th other way though. I guess its just a way of seeing it.

      2. REALITY CHECK– 720p IS High Definition. 900p is Super High Definition. 1080p is Full High Definition. And 4K is Ultra High Definition. N(ot)icepter, you really need to do your research instead of denying it on purpose. And since DOOM is presented in HD in docked and portable modes, according to an official confirmation from Bethesda themselves, you have no other choice but to accept it.

    1. For what it’s worth, just because the game is barely HD (I get what you mean) doesn’t mean that it couldn’t handle motion controls. Motion controls just require the gyroscope and accelerometer data to be mapped to the camera. It’s just input. The system would see gyro and accelerometer data no differently than analog stick data.

      1. And the “i get what you mean” ..leave it.
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        You are really are bad for understanding other people comments.

        1. lol I couldn’t care less what side you took in that argument. I’m not looking for the respect of edge lords who don’t know how to make themselves understood.

          1. Well in fact i get every comment from the other guy. It seems you have some issues to understand comments from other people.
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  3. Didn’t figure it would. Would be nice to see on future releases or patched in.

    I would love to see someone actually improve over the Splatoon controls by allowing vertical camera movement on the analog sticks, as well as via motion. I would honestly play Splatoon 2 more if the controls were more configurable.


      lol who cares GAMERS DO now jog on you robot stick aiming idiot WGAT THE FUCK DID YOU BUY A SWITCH FOR LOLOLOLOL

  4. WHAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTttttttttt the pc includes in-game official gyro motion aiming via steam controller wtf

    its 2017 who aims with a stick FUCK OFF TURD PARTY


  5. 2010: were tired of motion, stop the gimmicks and get back to standard controllers

    2017: wtf! Were my motion, no motion no buy!

    Im starting to believe Reggie when he says that Nintendo fans never know wtf they want. 😑

    1. That or one side gets louder than the other when they aren’t getting what they want. Splatoon’s motion control setup is superior to Wii’s anyways.

      1. There’s actually a give an take between the Wii’s motion controls and the Switch’s. The Joycons have better gyroscopes and accelerometers, but they can only do relative positioning which make them susceptible to drift. The Wii Remote Plus, had the sensor bar and infrared camera which do absolute positioning, which means that it could use the sensor bar as a way to re-center itself and counter-act the drift.

    2. aparantly advanced contreols are gimmicks so tech evolution suits when not nintendo but becomes nonsesne when it ios nintendo standard controls wait a second switch is gen 9 and all 9 gens have seen controler evolution OUTSIDE OF SONY who sell a brand and notr a generational IMPROVMENT

      lol aiming with a stick vs a 3d gyro mouse lol controlliong a man in a team INSTEAD OF THE WHOLE TEAM

      only a casual says controls dont matter DOOM PC HAS GYRO CONTROLS THERES NO EXCUSE

  6. Well, hopefully they will add it via a patch. Remember, they did build this version of Doom from the ground up for Switch. There are bound to be some wrinkles to iron out.

  7. Amazing that people are now complaining about a game that until a couple of weeks ago they hadn’t even dreamed about coming to the Switch because it doesn’t have a control scheme, despite the fact it was primarily designed to be played with sticks.

  8. Not a big deal. I can play shooters just fine with analog stick controls. Plus it’s still the complete Doom game on the Switch. That’s what matters

  9. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    If I was gonna get Doom, it would have been for my PS4 & that version doesn’t have motion controls, either, so whatever. Still, it would have been nice if the Switch version did use motion controls for those getting it on Switch.

      1. He might not care about playing it on the go. For some people, portable gaming isn’t very compatible with their lifestyle. If they’re at work a lot of the time, and they drive, then they may not have time to play games away from home. Alternately, some people travel on planes or some form of public transportation so home console gaming might not work for them.

        It’s also possible for someone to not see the Switch as very portable. I’m know I’m definitely in that camp, and if that one poll (I think it was on Nintendo’s twitter?) was indicative of all Switch owners, many never leave home with there Switch and use it’s portable mode much like they would play games on the Wii U Gamepad, around the house.

      2. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

        I’d sacrifice portability for external hard drive support, cloud saves, no stupid phone app for stuff that should be on the system itself, & maybe a few other things the PS4 has that I’d like to be on my Switch. Hell! I spend most of my 3DS gaming time at home & that’s a much better portable system than the big, clunky Nintendo Switch tablet. (I can’t believe I’d ever utter the words Nintendo & tablet in the same sentence, much less as part of the same phrase.) So “on the go” isn’t a selling point for me when it comes to the games I get on my Switch. That & it’d cost way too much because of how expensive the best micro SD cards are. I’d continue but my name says the rest.

      3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

        Oh & a Vita? What’s that? Is that some new kind of high tech microwave Sony made? I didn’t know Sony was into making products for the kitchen.

  10. Thos sucks…. I was hopping for a serious shooter with motio controls… nah… I guees I will have to wait for Metroid.

    Motion controls can suck if you are forced yo use them… but men… most of the pepoplw who actually enjoyed motion controls on the wii preffer that type of control for shooters… why not include optional motion controls??

  11. Um, everyone is going on about “it’s DOOM on the go!” And yet pretty much anyone who’s actually played it have said it’s actually surprisingly good BUT it needs the pro controller… That’s not really doom on the go is it? User configurable motion controls would go a long way to fixing that.

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