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Retailers Are Saying That More SNES Mini Consoles Are Coming Throughout The Holidays

One major topic about the SNES Mini that has been brought up a lot has been the quantity. The NES Mini had a lot of stock problems, and a lot of the questions that Nintendo was asked about the console were about its availability. However, the good news is that Target, GameStop, and Toys R’ Us have informed Polygon that all three of them exect SNES Mini consoles to be shipped to them throughout the holiday season. Best Buy didn’t send a reply. The bad news is that none of the retailers gave specific dates on when these new shipments will start. However, when one is expected, customers will be informed.


10 thoughts on “Retailers Are Saying That More SNES Mini Consoles Are Coming Throughout The Holidays”

  1. And more shoppers outweighing the supply when holiday shopping breaks out into full force, I can hardly wait. Seriously, my walmart only had 35 in stock while 50 people were camping outside for hours in this dreadful heat.

  2. Good to hear, cause I want one. But I want one in the fashion of ‘if the store I’m shopping in has one, I shall buy it’. Not stressing it or hunting for it, nope nope nope. If it’s there, neat-o. If not, Nintendo is still going to get my money, cause I’ve been hitting that crack since 85, and Pappa needs some Mario and Fire Emblem love this month.

  3. This would make such great Christmas gifts for my family (at least, SOME of my family). But I probably won’t even be able to find anymore before Christmas. I barely lucked out and got one for myself at my local Wal-Mart’s midnight launch. First time I ever participated in a midnight launch at a store. At least it paid off.

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