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The Next European Splatfest Is All About Toilet Paper In Splatoon 2

The next European Splatfest has been announced for Splatoon 2. Set to take place next weekend, the upcoming in-game event revolves around toilet paper – pitting people who think toilet rolls should hang in front against those who prefer them hanging behind. Which side would you choose? Nintendo has yet to reveal whether this theme will be featured in North America, but stay tuned for any updates.


20 thoughts on “The Next European Splatfest Is All About Toilet Paper In Splatoon 2”

  1. This brings up one of my many pet peeves (if that’s what you call it). I always thought people were backwards when they hang the roll in the “behind” way. On the Simpsons, their paper towels in the kitchen are always the backwards way, and it always drove me NUTS (the fact that it was animated that way shows that whoever drew it probably does it backwards in real life as well). However, I have seen an episode or two where the paper towels were hanging in the proper front direction.

    My grandparents were the backwards type. It was so hard trying to use the toilet paper at their house. LOL! What a topic.

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