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US: Golf Story Hits The Number One Spot On Nintendo Switch eShop

The newly released and immensely charming Golf Story has managed to hit the number one spot this week on the North American eShop. The game which launched Thursday had plenty of competition as it launched in the same week as FIFA 18, Conga Master Party, Tower of Babel, Inverses Deluxe, ACA NEOGEO Burning Fight. Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch Story, PICROSS S, Deemo, Sparkle 2, Astro Bears Party, Physical Contact: Picture Place, Pankapu, One Piece, Binaries and Butcher. Golf Story is also number two on the UK eShop.



  1. Everything does it well on Switch it seems. Form my perspective, the tripple A games have been boring so far (bought every 1st and 2nd party), so ACA Neo Geo have been bought a lot… it annoys me that they’re keeping back most of the better Fatal Fury games for now…

    Anyway I think until the void is better filled up with things like Mario, Pokémon and Metroid, all those orignal Indie games will have high spots on that list.

  2. Good games are just that, no matter if they come from Nintendo, indie developers or major third-parties. This game deserves its success and I am extremely satisfied with the support and diversity the platform is enjoying so far.

  3. I’m not really surprised. On forums elsewhere, golf story had a high approval rating over the other eshop titles. Most everyone was picking it up opposed to any other game. It was set for high success at that rate.
    Either way, it is a great little gem and I would recommend it.

    1. Same here. I keep hearing its an enticing title but there’s just too much on my plate as it is now and so many awesome games coming up for the remainder of the year for the Switch. I’ll get it eventually because I’m a RPG fanboy so it’s good to hear it’s being well received

  4. yah this is a fun game fr. This game gets a lot of comparisons to undertale and earthbound… i’ve never played earthbound and never liked undertale but this game is fun af so maybe i will try earthbound. plus i think golf games are fun so thats a bonus

      1. thats true, I would’ve enjoyed it more if not for the fanbase pissing me off, but that said, i still didn’t enjoy the game especially considering I can usually ignore the fanbases of certain games.

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