Amazon US: New Nintendo 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition Up For Pre-order

If you are in the market for a flashy New Nintendo 2DS XL then look no further than the special Poke Ball edition. It’s currently available for pre-order via Amazon and will be released on November 3rd. The New Nintendo 2DS XL Poke Ball Edition is $159.99.

  • This cool Poke Ball themed New Nintendo 2DS XL system will launch on Nov. 3, two weeks prior to the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon games launch on Nov.17.
  • Gamers of all ages can play in style with the New Nintendo 2DS XL system.
  • Colorful accents add style, while the sleek clamshell design makes it comfortable to hold.
  • The C Stick brings enhanced controls (like intuitive camera control) to compatible games
  • You can play all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games in 2D on this system.



  1. Me: I changed my mind & got one anyway.

    Palpitane/Darth Sideous: …knew it!!!

    Me: My girlfriend comes over for a booty call, what’ll I do?

    Darth Sideous: ..screw it!!

    Me: I’ve been eating pot roast for 2 weeks! & I’ve got alot more left! Any ideas?

    Darth Sideous: …stew it!!!

    Me: My Mom gave me a stick of gum.

    Darth Sideous: ..chew it!!

    Me: I was spittin game at a hot girl but she totally walked away & gave me the finger.

    Darth Sideous: …blew it!!!

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