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Bandai Namco Community Manager: Make Your Voices Heard For Project CARS 2 On Switch

Bandai Namco community manager Cyrus Wesson has said that if Nintendo Switch owners want Project CARS 2 on the system then they need to make their voices heard on social media. The game isn’t in development for the Nintendo Switch but is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Wesson went on to say that the development team is “extremely, extremely receptive” to feedback. Here’s what he had to say:

“I can’t speak to a potential Switch version just because I don’t have that information. What I can say is that if people really, really do want a Switch version – I know the Switch is extremely popular right now – let us know on our social channels on Bandai Namco Entertainment Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, let us know everywhere, and we will definitely let the devs know that’s an ask. And the devs are extremely, extremely receptive to everything that’s going on social media, and everything their fans say, so you can also just let them know on the Project Cars website, and they will definitely receive that information.”

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  1. Wasn’t the first game due to be released on WiiU and they pulled the pug on the project with a lame excuse after teasing us? Thanks, but NO THANKS!

    1. Actually the first game was, if I remember right, EXCLUSIVE to the Wii U (and PC). They kept going on an on about “showing off the true potential of the Wii U,” and then later they just said, “never mind, we’re cancelling the Wii U version and porting it to PS4 and Xbox One.”

      1. “We eagerly look forward to any announcement of further hardware from Nintendo but right nowProject CARS is simply too much for Wii U despite our very best efforts. Apologies to our Nintendo fans out there that have been waiting for further news on this but have no desire to release a product that isn’t at the very least comparable with our highest-rated versions on other platforms. We optimistically look forward therefore to what the future may hold.”

        Yet they want us to port beg LMAO

      2. Wasnt it originally announced for PS3, PC, Wii U, and 360, then cancelled and ported to PS4 and XBO? I might be wrong but I think the Wii U was a strech goal as well.

  2. These guys decieved Nintendo fans into believing that the first Project CARS game would be on the Wii U to only later cancel that version and now because the Switch is the hottest system out there they want us Switch owners to port beg for the sequel? WOOOWWWWW……can you believe the audacity of these guys??? Sorry but I’ll pass I won’t be a fool again

  3. No, they can fuck right the hell off. We dont need to prove ourselves, we dont need to, “Make our voices heard”, we dont need to prove anything. The Switch has been a huge success, so either support the console or dont, I can easily soend my money elsewhere.

    1. ||It would look great nowhere, send its creators to the void while we are at it as well…||

  4. F*ck no! Project Clowns 2 developed by Completely Mad studios Now testing for audience on the switch after screwing WiiU owners over…. Get lost. I’d get FAST RMX 20 times over before considering paying money for this Ish…. I’m sure they’re feeling guilty since Bethesda pulled off DOOM without complaicing about power

    1. ||Then change our minds when they are about 85% along the process, wasting their lives and resources…||

  5. Didn’t they say they’d bring it to “NX” because Wii U was to hard to make it run correctly? Now that we have the Switch they want us to beg for something they said theyed bring over anyway?

    Id like a true to life racer but come on, even if we begged for it theyed say something about the Switch being unable to run it correctly..

  6. “Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice. Shame on….you ain’t gonna fool me again!”
    -G. Dubbya

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