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Here’s A New Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Trailer

A brand new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was uploaded by Nintendo on their Japanese YouTube channel. The trailer serves as a basic overview of the game, with plenty of gameplay shown. There wasn’t a lot of new information revealed in the trailer. In fact, a lot of the gameplay they included has been previously seen. However, there was a Hint Mode confirmed in the trailer, something we did not know before. We’ve included the video down below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. Great trailer.
    It will be a great game, though I like more the pure platform scenarios. Also not all scenarios are of the same quality. In Super Mario 64 everything was ‘perfect’ (almost). Here I see some very beautfil scenarios and some so so ones.
    Anyway I will buy it but don’t expect Super Mario 64 quality in any part of the game. Miyamoto eventually was more strict when he directed Mario games.

  2. Only a few more weeks until what looks to be the best 3D Mario ever created.

    I’m sooo glad they didn’t do another Galaxy game (despite G2 being my favorite in the series up til this point).

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