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Nintendo Showcases Upcoming Games For 2017 With This Handy Chart

Nintendo fans have a number of games to look forward to leading into the holiday season and to make things a little easier they have released this release chart detailing the games you’ll be able to play leading up to Christmas.




  1. And Yooka-Laylee isn’t even present :(


    But Sonic Forces isn’t present either.

      1. Don’t tell me want I god damn want!

        What I really want is the best of both worlds. As many options for 3D platformers on the Switch as possible.

        Of course I’m going to get Odyssey. It looks gorgeous. But only I’ve beaten (if not 100 percented) the game, then what? No more 3D platformers, because Yooka-Laylee may get cancelled due to all the internet venom, Gears for Breakfast can’t port A Hat in Time, and Sony is adamant in keeping Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy Sony-exclusive, and Fe may actually be meh and succumb to the usual EA syndrome, while Sonic Forces may succumb to the usual post-Sonic 2006 syndrome?

        So don’t tell me what I want.

    1. Yeah, I noticed Sonic Forces was missing too. Thought I was going crazy or just missed it or something.

    2. I̴͍͓͛̂͛̚n̵̨̛͈̼͓̂̇̈́̊̓̐͒̕f̴̧̫̗͚̹̆̔̈́̐̎̉͜i̸̡͍̯̗̼͓͓̼͖̾̽͋̂̇̓ń̸̺̮̂̉̀̚i̶̗͛̿t̸̨̹̞̮͈̓e̴͔̲̤̓̽̆̕ says:

      Forget about Yooka-Laylee and get A Hat in Time or Super Mario Odyssey.

      Or both, both would be good, too

  2. dam november is going to be bad and i thought october was already bad. Where the hell am i going to find the time to play doom, skyrim, and la noire. I guarantee i wont even have fire emblem or mario odyssey done by then

    1. Interestingly, I own all of those games on PC, yet I’ve never actually completed any of them, none of them are bad games. Which is why I’ll be buying them for Switch, portability should give me some more gaming time for these games.

  3. Show me this list in January, on the first Nintendo Switch presentation, and I would have shited my pants.

  4. I really LOVE these handy lists, it serves as a great quick reference and it is great to shove it at haters faces when they blurt out “Nintendo Drought etc”. However, i find the lack of MH Stories mention a bit unsettling since it came out after Mario + Rabbids.

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