Take A Look At The Metroid: Samus Returns Accolades Trailer

Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS has gone down well with critics and the public alike. We awarded the title a solid 8 out of 10 and stated that ‘Samus Returns is a delightful, fully engaging and tense journey’ – you can read our review right here. With the good amount of positive reviews, Nintendo UK has now uploaded a snazzy accolades trailer which you can view below. It’s great to see the Metroid franchise being received so well. And remember; Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime 4 is in the works for Nintendo Switch!


  1. Nice. It was good to see Metroid back in form.

    And although I liked Samus Returns (its certainly better than the original GB version, and I’d say decently above AM2R), I think the problem is that Metroid II just isn’t a very good game to begin with. The official and unofficial remakes try to fix the problems, and they do a good enough job, and Samus Returns added a lot of new mechanics that I think are cool.. but I think Metroid 2’s flaws are hard to overcome completely. It doesn’t have a whole lot of memorable moments. The ending is the only part that really sticks out. The remakes are good for what they are, especially considering the source material, but I think all of the other 2D Metroid games (excluding the original Metroid and Metroid II) are better. That’s just my opinion though. And I’m hyped for Prime 4. Can’t wait to see gameplay.

        1. Still wish Nintendo didn’t go into another stupid phase and pass that game up. The dude spent 10 fucking years making it and was almost ready. They should have asked for that build, which Dr.M64 would be more than happy to do so, so they can just recode it for 3DS/Switch eShop release later and not having to worry about making anymore backlashes, wasting more money/time or risking another Metroid canon retconning which is what SR did when they shoehorned Ridley out of nowhere.

        1. Seriously? lol As if Other M and Chibi Force hadn’t fucked the franchise already. Oh and Sakamoto is the George Lucas of Metroid. Deal with it. By “it”, I mean the truth.

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