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Geek Go Hands-On With Rocket League On Nintendo Switch

Online technology site Geek have gone hands-on with Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch and have come away suitably impressed. The team appreciate that the game runs at 60fps both docked and undocked providing an authentic experience for Nintendo Switch owners. Here’s a snippet of what was mentioned by the team at Geek.

“That beauty remains on Nintendo Switch. I first played the game on PC, and naturally that version was more graphically impressive than the Switch version. However, the team made the right choice to prioritize 60 FPS, so the game runs nice and smooth even in handheld mode. The developers behind this port, Panic Button, are also responsible for the miracle that is Doom on Switch. You can’t blame poor technical performance for your loss, only your own poor performance. And the game’s visuals are still plenty bright and cheery and explosive shrunk down on the handheld screen.”




        1. It’s my impression. I think Nintendo will do a direct on december just like some years like 2012, 2013 and 2015.

          They have done a Nintendo direct on the last month. So I expect to see a direct on decemeber.

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