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Kotaku UK: Switch Video Capture To Expand Beyond 30 Seconds In Future Update

Nintendo recently added the ability for users to record video capture of certain games on the Nintendo Switch. At the moment you can only capture 30 seconds of action but in the future you’ll be able to record longer. The news comes from two sources speaking to Kotaku UK. You can read the full report here.


32 thoughts on “Kotaku UK: Switch Video Capture To Expand Beyond 30 Seconds In Future Update”

                    1. And oh what a fucking disaster Star Fox 64 HD..I mean “Zero”, was. Glad I have the 3DS version. Also, what other game? And for the love of GOD, don’t say Federation Force…

                      1. No I don’t think it was Federation Force the game that I was interested. I don’t really remeber, I know it’s about two years ago but I only remeber the Star Fox Zero trailer because I watched it 10 times.

                        The problem of Star Fox Zero is the controls to me, and if Nintendo decided to bring the game on the Switch I will buy it for sure.

                        Yeah I also have Star Fox 64 3D And I love it.

                        1. Good. That chibi piece of shit is an embarrassment. Actually that’s an understatement. It’s a MISTAKE.

                          I wouldn’t want SFZ ported to Switch because it’s a glorified gimped SF64, nothing more but everything less. If there’s any SF game that needs an HD outing, it’s either Star Fox 2 or Assault; definitely Assault.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||It will be functional around the time the online payment services are switched on…||

        1. No virtual console yet, no GameCube VC yet, no system voice chat yet, no web browser, Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/CrunchyRoll apps, no streetpass, no themes or saved image background option yet, no music/video media play via SD card yet, I can do this all day.

            1. Also it entices more of the Switch’s “portability” purpose. Instead of just taking gaming to go, give it more function for replayability and connectivity. 3DS worked well with it and part of it’s popularity.

      1. Would it will be better if Nintendo allow us to upload a 10 min video on YouTube with our switch and then we don’t have to spend alot of money to get a powerful capture card?. Would that be exciting for all of us for us Nintendo users?.

          1. I know right?. So that way, we won’t have to waste our time finding those capture cards that is everywhere in stores. You know, if they want to improve Nintendo Switch and it’s sales, they need to improve the video capture minutes up to 10 like I said.

        1. Getting a capture card would also work for other consoles that use an HDMI cable. Not just the Switch.

          Still, if one can afford a couple of $60 games, one can afford an Elgato HD60.

            1. It is if you get lucky on eBay. Won one a couple weeks ago, alongside a Blue Snowball Mic. Paid only $87…or $3 after eBay Bucks.

      2. I, personally, suppose that it is nice that it will go beyond 30 seconds, but I wouldn’t die if it didn’t. I have a capture card, and, for those who don’t have one, 30 seconds seems like enough to support any interesting snippet of gameplay. But hey, I’m not everyone. My opinion is only as good as everyone else’s.

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