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RiME For Nintendo Switch File Size Revealed

Although we’ve had to wait quite a while for the launch of RiME for Nintendo Switch, the title will become available very soon. Releasing on November 14, the intriguing title will have a file size of 6.9GB, according to the North American eShop game page. We also recently learned that RiME will support HD rumble and some touchscreen features.



  1. I seriously can’t wait for this game!!! It’s been MY personal “most anticipated title” for the Switch! Even though it probably won’t end up being the best game I buy all year, haha.

  2. *Checks download size on the PS4*

    My PS4 copy says it’s 4.23 GB, which means the Switch version is around 60% larger. I’m assuming they had to be more lax on compression because of differences in CPU power?

      1. Well I wouldn’t say that. I haven’t seen any extensive footage from the Switch version but the little that I saw seemed to look like a pretty good port considering the hardware.

        1. They were obligated to port the game after the rage of many gamers saying that they want to see the game on the Switch. They did it but with a big size of the game and also a plus 10 dollars to pay the game.

          That’s not fair.

          1. The extra $10 is only for the physical release I thought and they offset that by including the soundtrack. The larger file size might have been necessary though. In open-world games where asset streaming happens all the time, compression can cause frame rate drops if the CPU isn’t fast enough. Since the Switch games can’t allocate as much RAM to the game as other systems, it has to stream assets more frequently which would exacerbate the problem. I’m only speculating that it’s a lack of compression but it’s the most likely reasoning for such a large increase in size.

            1. The compression here it’s a bit weird. Why other games have a good compression and only this one is bad?

              Because it wasn’t prepared to be released on the Switch or better, it wasn’t considered to be released. That’s why I hate their work on the Switch. It’s my opinion and of course everybody can share what they think about this game.

              After I read some of their strange problems on the Switch I will not buy this game for sure.

              1. With the exception of Rayman, there really aren’t a lot of Switch games that are all that compressed and it was very like that the compression of Rayman is what resulted in it’s performance dipping below the Wii Us.

                With my own tests compressing Breath of the Wild, I was able to get it to below 8GB.

                But you’re right though. that RiME was made with the PS4 in mind so it’s kind of no surprise that there is some compromises being made on the Switch. It’s something we’re seeing on all ports of more demanding current-gen games.

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