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The Nintendo Switch Controllers Have Also Gotten An Update

By now, you’ve likely heard of the firmware update that the Nintendo Switch got earlier today. However, that’s not the only Switch hardware that was updated. Believe it or not, Nintendo has the option to update the console’s Joy-Con controllers. To do it, go to System Settings, then check out the “Controllers and Sensors” tab. If you scroll down, you can find “Update Controllers” listed. Select it, and you can update the Joy-Con controllers. It only takes seconds to do it, so you won’t have to wait a while. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not released any patch notes, so we have no idea what had been changed.


23 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Controllers Have Also Gotten An Update”

      1. I don’t know why people are using the image to get information, instead of the article itself. =S

        We just choose a picture that’s related to the article topic, and that’s all. For example, whenever we do an article on the Nintendo Switch, the image will usually be an image of a Switch, or the Switch logo. In this situation, the Joy-Con controllers are discussed, so I used an image of the Joy-Con. Because of this, I recommend reading the article itself. If there’s any images that are critical to the article, it will be there and not as the header image. =)

        Once in a while, we’ll put an important image as the header, but the main objective with header images is a related picture that’s high enough in quality and large enough in size.

        1. Really? Huh.

          Well, nevertheless, the image has been changed. To be honest, I didn’t think this would be the complaint that people would have with the image. I thought the watermark it had would’ve caused criticism, but apparently not. lol

      1. People aren’t stupid. The picture that was there was literally an image of a joycon right next to a joycon that had a different design and build. I was confused when I saw it as well, because it seemed like the physical joycon itself got an update. I then read the article, and that wasn’t the case, but the picture was still misleading. I wish I could find the picture online, but I can’t.

        It’s like saying “New Joycon Colors!” and having a picture of a purple Gamecubesque joycon, but the article is about the new yellow joycons. Doesn’t make sense and is bad journalism.

    1. No, the issue was caused bc some joycons, mostly the right joycon, signal was being interferred by the control sticks metal inside the joycon, bc the joycon didnt hav something placed in-between the metal and the signal. (a simple tiny cube of styrofoam or something similar culd b placed to fix the issue) So it was more of a hardware issue than a software issue. (some cases it was software issue but tht was rare)

  1. Omg they can update controllers now :( that means they can fuck up more easily … The net has ruined gaming and most other things lol

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