Nintendo Switch

King Oddball Coming To Nintendo Switch October 30

On October 30, the Nintendo Switch eShop will see the release of King Oddball – a single-button gameplay title which has the player control a boulder with a big tongue. King Oddball will carry a modest price tag of $4.99 / £3.99. If you’re a fan of simple but addictive games then this may well be worth checking out. Here’s a description of the game from Nintendo’s game page:

Blow up tanks! Crash helicopters! Squash puny humans! Collapse structures! Hurl boulders until nothing remains! END THE WORLD!

The King swings a boulder back and forth with his tongue and you get to release it by pressing a button. Time the release accurately and crush as many targets as possible with each boulder. Simple but addictive!FEATURES



  • Single button press gameplay: How hard can it be?
  • More than 120 levels + secrets!
  • Eccentric art style
  • Original music by Jonathan Geer



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