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New Update Now Available For Splatoon 2 To Fix Issues With Brella Weapons, Goo Tuber And Snapper Canal

A new software update for Splatoon 2 has become available for download on Nintendo Switch. Update version 1.4.1 consists of several fixes to issues related to Brella weapons, the Goo Tuber and the Snapper Canal stage. Official patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue allowing Brella weapons used by opponents to shoot while their umbrellas remained open.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players using the Goo Tuber to store a charged shot indefinitely by charging briefly, immediately becoming a squid, then keeping the charge as long as ZL wasn’t released.
  • Fixed an issue allowing player to pass through the squid barrier surrounding the spawn points on Snapper Canal.


10 thoughts on “New Update Now Available For Splatoon 2 To Fix Issues With Brella Weapons, Goo Tuber And Snapper Canal”

      1. Then why get all involved about my opinion if it doesn’t matter? The fact is, it barely has any right to be called a sequel. It’s not even remotely different, new or better. Mario 3D World had more originality.

      1. Let’s see what’s obviously missing:

        Deep custom match making


        Option to choose modes/maps at you discretion. None of that randomizing bullshit


        Better campaign/plot that isn’t painfully predictable or easy

        Have that new Salmon mode available AT ALL TIMES

        Play time extended to 5 minutes. 3 minutes is over before you know it and can get dull very quickly

        Add missing vanilla modes like
        team/solo deathmatch and capture the flag

        Splatoon 2 did almost NOTHING to improve or change from the original game besides one new mode that’s time restricted up the ass.

        1. You complained about design decisions. Not things that make a sequel, such as new maps, modes, weapons (primary, sub, all specials), balance overhaul to remove all the get out of jail free crap, new soundtrack, better graphics, etc etc etc. Of all the design issues you cite, I wouldn’t want any of that except weapon changing in lobby.

  1. It’s amazing how such a horrible not sequel managed to be literally the biggest game in Japan (according to weekly charts). It may be because its an amazing game that fixed all the balance (and get out of jail free card) issues in the first, with all new maps (only a handful of old that have been revamped), new classes of weapons, subs, and specials, a new coat of paint, portability, charming horde mode, new soundtrack, and a entirely new campaign. And it did all this while bringing a fan favorite game over from a dead console so it could stay relevant. Seriously what the crap does the game need to do to be considered a “sequel,” when this has as much or more new in it than I’ve seen in pretty much every shooter sequel released in the last 15 years.

    Oh I know. Voice chat. So I’m forced to listen to a bunch of unsupervised Lord of the Flies children, horrible attitudes (cough), racists and basically the dregs of the earth, because muting means that I’m giving the other team an unfair advantage by me not participating in communication.

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