Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Coming To iOS & Android Late November 2017

Tonight featured a short Animal Crossing mobile Direct from Nintendo, but the Direct contained plenty of news for those looking forward to the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game. The game is officially called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

As the name suggests, the game takes place in a campsite. You can be a boy or a girl, and customize their skin color, hair color and eye color. In this Animal Crossing, you own a Camper, or trailer, a tiny home you can decorate with furniture. The Camper can be customized both externally and internally. For example, the color and design of your Camper can be changed by heading over to OK Motors. The furniture can be crafted by talking to Cyrus and placing orders with materials you can collect, and they can also be arranged in your home. You can also get amenities for your Campsite, such as a pool, that take a while to finish. However, Tom Nook can help you speed up the process if you give him enough Leaf Tickets, which can be obtained by purchasing them with real money, or obtaining them by playing the game. That, along with Bells, can be obtained by completing goals. You can also get Bells by shaking trees, or by selling things like bugs and minerals. However, the Leaf Tickets are your biggest asset.  Exchanging tickets can give you honey that can be used to trap tons of bugs and mine plenty of materials.

Time passes just like in real life. Morning, day, evening and night exist in the game you can check out a forest, beach, river and more. You can fish and there is, of course, the ability to shop. There is a Marketplace, where you will be able to talk to Timmy and Tommy Nook, The Able Sisters and Kicks. The selection at each shop rotates, but you won’t be spending time just shopping. Your animal friends will be of assistance, and you can talk to them to receive requests. These requests, if finished, grant you rewards. They even have their own friendship level, something you share with each animal. By leveling their friendship up and decorating your house with their favorite items, they will come visit your campsite. However, it won’t be just in-game friends visiting you. Your real life friends, if they have the game and your Player ID, can visit your home and vise versa. You can exchange bells for their bugs, fruit, and more. You can even give them kudos if things go well with them, along with a friend request. If the two of you become Pocket Camp friends, then you will be able to visit their campsite at any time.

The game will release on iOS and Android in late November 2017. You can pre-register for the game right here. If you missed the Direct, you can check it out down below. There is also a bonus Digest video that Nintendo uploaded after the Direct finished, so feel free to check that out too.

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  1. I’m not really into mobile games, but I’ll try it. I like some of the interactions you can have with the animals in this one.

    If anything, maybe they’ll take some ideas from here and bring them into the next main game. Obviously the whole micro-transaction crap and having to wait so long for camp developments to finish shouldn’t carry over, but that’s just the way free-to-play mobile titles are. But it does look like they put some effort into this. Doesn’t hold a candle to the real titles though.

    I’m really looking forward to the inevitable Switch game.

    1. The day Nintendo puts that stuff in a real release on the Switch is when heads will roll. A free mobile game? Pass.

      1. I get you have a hard on for the switch (and to be honest i love the system too. i still am playing it nonstop even with the grips i have about it) but cant you let this just be a mobile game. Animal crossing switch is most likely coming but dont discount this because its not on the switch. Let this just be a mobile game and be patient for the switch game

        1. I’m not discounting anything. I’m saying it doesn’t matter that it has microtransactions because it’s a free mobile game.

    2. That’s about how the normal animal crossing games are. You have to wait in real time (if you don’t change the time of the Console) for houses to be upgraded or buildings to be built. And shops close in real time at night and open during the day. But, I’m with you on those micro transactions. Those are the bane of mobile gaming existence, and sadly now even some AAA games on consoles feature it…. it’s a sad thing.

      1. Yeah I know, I’ve played all of the main AC titles. I should’ve been more specific, I was more referring to when they showed the player building a pool or something, and it showed a timer of 74 hours until it finished. That’s a bit excessive I think, I don’t recall the normal AC games going that far with it. Usually it’s finished the next day, unless it’s a store remodel, or a special circumstance. I agree with you though, microtransactions aren’t welcome in console games. I’ve never supported that business practice. And I never will. Not even for mobile. I played through the entirety of Fire Emblem Heroes completely free lol.

      1. How so? 72 hour wait in Pocket Camp to build just a pool, so 3 days, unless you’re willing to pay a micro-transaction to speed it up. Meanwhile New Leaf would have upgrades done the following morning. And considering the large emphasis on crafting in Pocket Camp, even for just simple furniture (5 hour wait to build a drum set), there’s gonna be a lot of waiting. You can also only have 4 items processing at once it seems (maybe 5, but I think it was 4), so once that’s filled up you’ll be waiting. All to push those leaf tickets (micro-transactions) to speed things up.

  2. inb4 people complain for animal crossing switch without realizing the mobile games are made by different teams.

    But the game does look solid. My wife and I will both be partaking 😁

  3. This looks good. You can tell it’s watered down, but they made sure to keep enough to still be fun. I think they have some good ideas in this too like the fishing net. I’d like to see that make it’s way into the next game in some form. Maybe limited uses before it breaks like the axe? I’ll for sure be giving this a try and hopefully it’ll build more hype for Animal Crossing on the Switch sooner rather than later.

  4. I knew I’d smell Microtransactions in this shit before it was shown. Sorry but I got New Leaf and people actually want this on Switch and it better not be another fucking Amiibo Party…

  5. This looks promising. If I really like it I’ll pick up the old console version. I never got them before because I was waiting for years for a decent home console Harvest Moon.

    Hopefully the rare items aren’t in the afternoon cuz I’ll have no chance to get them during work. Looking forward to this entry.

  6. Somewhat better than I was expecting… though, when the direct first started I thought the game was gonna be a HappyHome Designer clone. The main aspect seems to be the same as HHD, with the design concept at emphasis along with some traditional AC charm. I’m sure they did not want to make it too much like the mainline games because it may inadvertently steal the light from them (and the future Switch game).
    I will try it… but If it needs a constant net connection, I may not play it too long. :{

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