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YouTuber Who Streamed Super Mario Odyssey Early Gets 3 Month Ban

A YouTube streamer from Hong Kong who streamed a retail copy of Super Mario Odyssey has received a three-month ban. NS新闻速报 streamed one hour of footage and was hit by a severe three-month ban. His Super Mario Odyssey videos were also taken down. Hong Kong retailers have been known for breaking video game street dates.



      1. Some people actually want to experience games they want as fresh as possible and don’t like it when some blabbermouth talks about content as though it should be common knowledge the moment someone streams it. Especially when said game takes 3-4 years development or so.

        Silly, I know.

      2. I wuld actually liked to b surprised of wht is in the game. I dont want to b spoiled or story, moon locations or even secrets. I want to know this stuff on my own and make the exp much better. If their was a short demo, id b fine watching tht but showing off alot more than tht will piss off anyone.

  1. I receive game copies often early and I don’t think this is a huge problem. But I would never actually consider to spoiler anyone or to stream and upload content that early. The only thing you could do is playing yourself through the game and upload a short review on day one.

    1. In ways that I don’t fully understand, Hong Kong is seperate from China. For example, a religion is bammed in China but not in Hong Kong. I imagine that’s what is going on.

      1. Guess I don’t fully understand the relationship either. I knew HK was an autonomous state, but the level of independence seems greater than other similar territories.

      2. i belive its becuase it was the last state th English gave back. They gave it back eith one condition, Hong Kong wouldn’t be communist, but a democracy and have a seperate government than the rest of China. Hong Kog is essentially anoother country. They even play cricket!

  2. More stupid shit from Nintendo. Clearly, for the idiots on here, this was Nintendo stopping people from viewing the game instead of buying it. Similar to Atlus, who refused to allow a game like Persona 5 to be viewed, it apparently takes away from sells when people watch the entire game and don’t play it. My friend does this for a lot of games he’s on the fence for. Nintendo doesn’t want anyone streaming their games to avoid people from just watching and to buy, and it’s unfail because some people just want to see the game and then buy it. Any to anyone who complains about spoilers… Don’t want the fucking video. You have to look for it and click it. If you’re doing that, you’re saying I’m okay with possible spoilers. Don’t be dumb everyone.

    1. It’s called an EMBARGO you fucking moron. All of us in the press follow NDAs and embargo sheets and those who break them end up being blacklisted.

      It’s not Nintendo being stupid. It’s people like this that love to spoil it for the rest of us and those of US in the press. Because of asswipes like this, we’re put on HUGE restrictions here in North America regarding review copies…

  3. This guy should have known better than to upload his stuff on that site of all places since Youtube & Nintendo are in league with each other these days.

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